UL2272 Certified Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights Review

UL2272 Certified Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker and LED Lights

So you might have seen your friends or neighbours floating around their lawns and on the street on a super awesome gadget that takes them from one place to the other. Probably you have got your mouth watered and wish you buy a hoverboard that would fall into your budget. The Chromo Gold coloured hoverboard we are talking about is a great choice for any person who wishes to enjoy the ride of their life. These are safe and also meet the requirements to be your friend. Now, you will no more have a boring Sunday evening because your best friend will take you to a roller coaster ride and fill in you the energy that you have been looking for to restart afresh. So hold and read the full article to know why these hoverboards are chosen by such a large number of people worldwide.

How safe are these Hoverboards?

If you ever doubt about the safety of the hoverboards you see across the internet or in the nearby market or anywhere else, you have great news to hear now. These hoverboards are completely safe and secure as they have passes the most rigorous safety standard tests of all time. Being a brand certified by the world’s greatest standard unit Underwriters Laboratory these make the safest products. They have the UL 2272 certifications, so no questions of fire accidents or sparkling due to short circuiting.

How Far It Can Go?

Okay, now that is a good question. Now that you are looking for its mileage, let us tell you that these electric scooters can cover as high as 10 miles. Whoa, that’s really amazing and probably a mileage that most of the very high quality hoverboards offer. So, you can go on with a full stop without worrying to charge your battery again and again.

The Speed Limit

Speed is love. No doubts, being an adult, you still want to make through the wonders of life and feel what it feels to ride with the winds. These hoverboards are among the fastest hoverboards giving a maximum speed of 10 miles per hours. You can be seen flying across the streets once you get your feet on them. They are extremely reliable as well.

The Charging Time

The charging time is the time taken by the scooter to refill its battery. Many of the hoverboards which take 5-6 hours might annoy you due to a long wait time but these exclusive boards just take atmost 2 hours. Did you know that sometimes your battery might charge up in just 60 minutes? It has also been seen that the scooter can charge 80% in just 30 minutes.

The Built and Features

The built is smart and with LEDs and charger along with it. The built is made so as to give a convenient feel with all the features you would crave for. The size and dimension of these electric scooters are 584*186*178(mm) with the Tire size as 170mm. The material used in its manufacture is of Alloy metal.

The Bluetooth Speakers

The capabilities of these hoverboards are intense. So how would you feel riding past the aisle with our favourite music on? Having Bluetooth features with your electric scooters is always fun. You can not only enjoy the amazing ride by spinning and grinding to and fro, but also love the tunes along the way.


The 6.5 inch wheels help you hover without any issues and help you ride through the terrains both indoors and outdoors.

The Maximum Weight Limit

The maximum weight limit of these electric scooters is 220 pounds.  Like any other standard product, it can carry people who weight under this limit and works real well.

Light and Cool

The hoverboards we are talking about is light in weight and weighs less than 22 pounds. So these are quite portable and can be easily carried from one place to another. You no more need to carry the hefty, huge hoverboards and get tired all the way. These are cool in looks and appearance and are the best for day to day use for personal transportation.

The battery and quality

The battery of the hoverboards is the most discussed features as the quality of the batteries determine a lot about their overall quality. The batteries used in these hoverboards are of premium quality and are tested and certified. This makes you free from all worries about fire issues or sparkling or even short circuiting.

Cheapest Hoverboard

So congratulations because these hoverboards are the cheapest hoverboards you could get. The price range may be in the range of $200. So, there couldn’t be a better deal to strike out with all the features available. Moreover, they comply with all the safety standards that are required in an ideal hoverboard.


All in all, if you are looking for a low budget self balancing electric scooter with Bluetooth features attached, then you might want to give yourself a chance by bringing one home. These are good for temperatures in the range of 10-30 degrees. They also are quite cool with the slopy edges with a range of 15-30 degree inclination. The limit varies as per the weight of the rider. The review on top websites has given a positive feedback and thus is a good choice in the given price range.

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