Hoverboard Charging Guide – All Hoverboard Charging Problems Solved

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You have purchased your hoverboard. However, you may be confused about charging the hoverboard. Many questions are revolving in your mind about the hoverboard. How can you charge hoverboard? What can you do hoverboard is not charging? How to know that the hoverboard is fully charged or not? How much time does it take to charge the hoverboard? In fact, you can get answers to questions here.

Instructions to charge the hoverboard

You should be aware that the color of a hoverboard charger should be red or (blue on newer models) when in charging mode. In fact, it takes around 4 hours for the hoverboard to get fully charged. Moreover, when the charger of the hoverboard turns green means that the hoverboard is fully charged (or that the battery is dead). The color of the charger normally turns to solid green after a few hours of charging. You can charge the hoverboard even it has not completely drained. Sometimes the color of the charger turns (or stays) solid green after charging the hoverboard for only a short period. This could mean that the battery of the hoverboard is not fully charged and it is time for a replacement. In this case, you can use this hoverboard battery guide to diagnose a bad hoverboard battery.

Following are the steps as a guide to charging a hoverboard are as follows:
  1. First and the foremost thing is that you should have the correct charger to charge your hoverboard. In fact, you should make sure that the voltage is accurate for your scooter. Apart from that, the razor electric products require 24 or 36-voltage charger, depending on the model of the hoverboard.
  2. You should plug in the charger in the appropriate power outlet. More, when you insert the charger of the hoverboard in the power outlet, the color of the light of the charger should be solid green.
  3. In the next step, you have to plug in the charger in your hoverboard. You have to ensure that the hoverboard has correctly plugged into the charger port. Then the color should be solid red.
  4. After that, the charging of the hoverboard is complete then the charger turns to green. You have unplugged the charger from the wall and then from the charger port. Now, your hoverboard is fully charged, you can use it for a ride.

How can you know that the hoverboard is charging or not?

Now, you know to charge the hoverboard. Apart from that, you should have the knowledge that your hoverboard is charging is not.

  • You start with the charging of your hoverboard, the charge let you know how much battery charged.
  • The color of it turns from red to green then the battery is fully charged.
  • Apart from that, the charger of the hoverboard does not light when the battery of the hoverboard is not fully charged.

How long it takes fully charge the hoverboard?

On average, a Swegway hoverboard takes around 2-3 hours to get fully charged. Therefore, this fact is applicable to the majority of the brands. In fact, the charging point of the hoverboard depends on the size of the hoverboard. A bigger hoverboard takes more time to get fully charged. However, you should be careful while charging the hoverboard because it has recommended not keeping the hoverboard too long for charging. The hoverboard needs only 2 hours charging. There is no need of keeping the hoverboard charging for 10 hours overnight. The charger of the hoverboard has the light that can let you know that the hoverboard is fully charged or not.

How long the battery of hoverboard lasts after fully charged?

You can take the fully charged hoverboard anywhere from 2-6 hours for a continuous ride. In most of the hoverboards, you can find battery light flash when the battery has to charge. More, it is better than slowly coming to halt.

How to find that the hoverboard charger is working or not?

You can perform the following test to find that the hoverboard charger is functioning or not. In fact, there is a need to replace the charger or not.

  • You can plug the charger into the wall. After plugging the charger into the wall, it should have the green
  • Then, you have to plug the charger in the hoverboard. The light of the charger changes from red to green.
  • There is a red light, then you need not to 7 steps. You have to look at the light of the charger if it does not change to red. However, you have to perform 12 steps.
  • There is no light. Therefore, you need to check that if the hoverboard charger is not working or the socket is not getting power.
  • In fact, you can the socket with any other device working. For this purpose, take your phone charger and check.
  • After checking the socket with your phone charger, you find that the socket is working. Therefore, you have to buy a new charger for your hoverboard.
  • You can charge your hoverboard for 2-3 hours. However, the hoverboard battery gets a charge in 2-3 hours.
  • Then, charging your hoverboard for 2-3 hours. You have unplugged the charger and press on/off button to turn it on.
  • Your hoverboard does not start after fully charged. For this issue, check the wiring of the hoverboard. After checking the wiring of the hoverboard, it starts then proceeds to the next step.
  • Hoverboards start, after that, you see both lights are green. This means that some sort of battery has charged. Moreover, the green light of the hoverboard is blinking then the hoverboard is not fully charged or typically less than 20%. Apart from that red light is blinking in your hoverboard, which means that the battery of the hoverboard is less than 5%. However, you should not ride the hoverboard when the red light is beeping.
  • You find that both lights of the hoverboard are green. Then, you ride the hoverboard. In the meantime, riding the hoverboard, it does not last for long. There is some issue with the hoverboard battery.
  • You see that your hoverboard light is always green, either the battery is fully charged or the hoverboard battery is defective. However, your hoverboard battery does not last for long after a full charge and it shows a red Some issues need to rectify.

Safety measures while charging the hoverboard to avoid fire

You are aware of the explosion of the hoverboard. However, you need to be careful while charging the hoverboard. Even, you want to know that it is safe to charge the hoverboard. In fact, there are some safety measures that you can adopt while charging your hoverboard. Furthermore, you have one hoverboard or if you are planning to buy, one of these measures can guide for charging your hoverboard safely to avoid fire.

Btw, hoverbaords you can trust:

  1. Do hoverboards explode or not?

Simply the answer to this question is no. However, this depends on the quality of the hoverboard. In fact, the hoverboard explosion does not happen with a good quality hoverboard. However, if you have purchased a counterfeit model then there are chances of an explosion. This is because these kind hoverboards come with the low quality of battery installed in it. More, if the battery of these hoverboards has overcharged then the battery explodes. There is not much explosion, but it is like a frizzle. Moreover, the battery can catch fire if incorrectly used.

  1. Causes of hoverboards catching fire

In 2015, hoverboards catching fire news was at a peak. In China, there were many factories manufacturing hoverboards like branded ones but comprising of quality. Millions of hoverboards sold in different countries. The most expensive part of the hoverboard is its lithium-ion battery. It provides large current to hoverboard wheels. The battery needs to recharge for a short period. The official brand of Samsung batteries is expensive. However, factories are involved in manufacturing counterfeit batteries. These kinds of counterfeit batteries are responsible for hoverboards catching fire. Moreover, these counterfeit batteries left for charging for a long period due to overcharging catches fire.

  1. How to find the hoverboard battery is counterfeit or legitimate?

It is easy to find out that the hoverboard battery is counterfeit or legitimate. You have to find the UL certification on the base of the hoverboard and on the charger. However, if you do not find the UL certification then your hoverboard and its battery are counterfeit. Another way is that some of the hoverboard sold under $200, but it is impossible to sell the hoverboard at this low price. This is because the cost of the battery, motor and other parts of the hoverboard is more than $200. In fact, if you pay more $200 there is no guarantee that the hoverboard is legitimate. Apart from that, you can prefer Amazon if you want to buy the hoverboard online.

  1. How can you charge a real hoverboard?

You have a real hoverboard then you can charge it normally.  This kind of hoverboard does not catch fire or explode. Simply you can plug in the charger in the hoverboard for 2-3 hours. However, you should not keep the hoverboard charging overnight. This increases the risk of a battery explosion. Hoverboards like Swagtron and Hoverzon models come up with fireproof. In these hoverboards, there is no chances of hoverboards explosion or catching fire.

  1. How can your hoverboard with a counterfeit charger?

You have a counterfeit hoverboard. It has strongly recommended that you have to replace this hoverboard with the safe one. These hoverboards can be dangerous so you should not use them. However, if you want to charge the hoverboard then charge it in an open environment under supervision. More, you should keep a fire extinguisher along.

  1. What to do hoverboard has damaged?

Your carelessness or by mistake damages your hoverboard. If your hoverboard gets submerge in water. You have to dry the hoverboard. However, after drying the hoverboard you should not charge it. You have to take the hoverboard to the repair.

  1. What to do the charger is counterfeit?

In a few reports, it has revealed that some vendors are picking official hoverboards with counterfeit chargers. You have a counterfeit charge, then you can buy an official one with trusted online sites like Amazon. Other online sites like e bay are not aware of the authentication of the official chargers. More, when you get to know that your charger is counterfeit then you should not use the charger.

  1. What is UL certification in hoverboards?

Due to fire or explosion in hoverboards, every hoverboard sold in the USA has UL certification on it. This certification tests the hoverboard in different ways. In these tests, the hoverboards are dropped, getting them wet and apply pressure to them. A well-qualified and efficient team of engineers look at these hoverboards is safe for use or not. In fact, it is important that the hoverboards are UL certified, as it does not catch way. For this reason, it has strongly advised purchasing UL certified hoverboards to avoid risk.

  1. Hoverboards are safe to use or not

Yes, it is safe to use the hoverboards. However, you should be careful while charging the hoverboards. Apart from that, you have a counterfeit hoverboard then these guidelines are useful for you. More, you should follow these guidelines carefully. There is no need to worry if you have UL certified hoverboard. You can charge the hoverboard anytime without worrying about fire or explosion. However, you should take some precautions with the certified hoverboards to avoid risky situations.

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49 thoughts on “Hoverboard Charging Guide – All Hoverboard Charging Problems Solved”

    1. Hi Moso Williy,

      It is not a good idea to leave hoverboard with charging. Because there are some scenarios where hoverboards explosions. My self I don’t leave hoverboard on while charging.


      1. Jaydee P Rebadulla

        Hi, I hope anyone can help me. Im having a problen with my hoverboard. Its been a while since the last time i used it. Almost a year ago i think. So yea, last week I started using it again since its been a long time since i used it, I decided to charge it for 2 and a half hrs after that. I went to the mall and started using it but apparently after around 30 seconds the battery indicator starts to blink as red. I decided to continue using it since I know to my self that I have charged it for 2 and a half hrs and yea gladly I didnt fall. I was able to use it for around 3 hrs and I didnt wanna exceed for that matter cuz I might fall any moment. So guys any idea whats the problem? Theres no problem with the battery cuz i was able to use it. And if its the battery indicator itself How will I fix it =( i tried searching for it but i think mine is the only board experiencing the problem

    2. If i plugged in my hover bored at like 6:30on on and won’t unplug till 6:45 the next day will it catch on fire?

      1. Hi I was wondering if there is something wrong with my battery because when I plug it in i leave it thier to charge for 4 hours and it only gives me like 5 minutes of ride time

        1. Yes, there is absolutely something wrong with the hoverboard battery if it is not giving you much ride time! You should buy a new battery and replace the old one. It’s lost its ability to retain a charge. This is very normal for lithium-ion hoverboard batteries.

  1. I think that I made a mistake….
    I charged my Razor Hovertrax 2.0 all the night, and I smell a strange smell in the room … Do I have to go to a technician or continue as usual?

  2. Nilox LQ1 Balance Scooter
    came with 4 prong 29.4 charger which no longer works , I cannot find a replacement anywhere, all chargers are 3 prong .. is the scooter and charger counterfeit ?

    1. Hi! I need some advice. I have a green, Bluetooth speaker hoverboard and I looked around on it but it didn’t have the UL label on it so I’m worried if it is counterfeit or not. The charger for it however does have a UL label on it. What do i do? Please and thanks!

      1. There is no reason to worry about that. Actually, I don’t think that I have ever seen a UL logo on any Bluetooth module to be honest. I think they are pretty much all the same except for the plug size. The most important thing to know is that you are using a new Bluetooth chip for your hoverboard instead of a used one.

  3. it highly depends on the model of the hover board and the year it was made but in any case i dont recomend you do that

    1. When there is an orange flashing light on your hoverboard and it is not retaining its charge, you need to replace the battery. This is true even if the hoverboard is brand new. The most usual cause of why this happens to new hoverboards is that it sat in a warehouse for too long without charging before it was sold to the public. You will want to maintain your hoverboard battery by charging it to full every 60 days. If you want to store it for a long time, then store it with only 30% of its battery life.

        1. If the hoverboard won’t retain a charge, you still need to replace the battery. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if the orange light is flashing or not.

  4. My hoverboard has a green light so i take it off the charger and get on and then it starts beeping at me not even 30 seconds in and turns red again I’m so confused

    1. Hello Jennie,

      This is most likely not a problem with the hoverboard charger but is an issue with the battery. Highly suggest you replace the battery for your hoverboard with a new one and it should work. We recommend getting one from StreetSaw

  5. We have a Jetson V6 that doesn’t work. The charger light stays green & when you plug the charger into the Hoverboard it says power on but it doesn’t operate. Also when the charger is plugged in there’s a yellow light on the Hoverboard that blinks constantly. Please help! Thank you!

    1. Hello Bob,

      We think this might be a problem with your hoverboard battery. Many people think that this is a hoverboard charger problem at first, but they quickly find out that the issue is fixed by replacing the battery. We suggest you check out hoverboard batteries at StreetSaw to find the one that best suits your hoverboard.

  6. I bought my daughter a hover-1 eclipse a couple of weeks ago, this morning I charged it and she rode it for a few mins and it just stopped…it will not do anything and if you connect it to the charger the green light on the bkx of the charger has a flashing green light

  7. My granddaughter lost her hoverboard charger. (don’t ask). Are they universal? I bought hers at Walmart. It’s a Hoverheart hoverboard, but I can’t find how to contact them or where to purchase a replacement?

  8. We have the Jetson x10. One side is blinking green and beeping. When I attempt to calibrate the lights don’t flash. Also when plugged in the charger indicates its fully charged.

  9. Light on charger is green and light on hoverboard is red (or orange). Hoverboard will not come on. What is problem?

  10. so i havent used my hoverboard for about 4-5 years because the charger was broke. We ordered a new one and i let it charge for 2-3 hours, and i tried to turn it on and it was still red and not charged. So I let it charge over night and then I turned it back on and it was still on red? How do I charge it or for how long?

  11. When I plug my hover board in the green light is on and it thinks it’s fully charged but when u unplug it after a day it says it’s red and it only is red and green Andrew it keeps beeping at me

  12. can i opperate the hoverboard while plugged in? because i want to get the cart with it and was going to get a powerstation for my backback to keep the hoverboard running for longer distances.

    1. You cannot operate the hoverboard while it is plugged in. The hoverboard will not even allow that to work.

  13. i lost my hoverboard charger then found it after months or a year by this time my hoverboard was dead and wasnt even turning on i put the charger on and the hoverboard was flashing yellow but the charger was green. i charged it for a hour but when i turned the hoverboard on while it was charging after an hour it still was flashing yellow. when i took the charger out it just Died it wouldent even turn on. by the way my hoverboard is from hover 1

    1. Unfortunately, this is a tell-tale sign that you now need to buy a new hoverboard battery. Letting a hoverboard battery sit for too long will cause it to drain and once it gets passed a certain point, a new battery replacement is required.

  14. When hoverboard is put on charge, the light on the charger flashes red then green constantly. When the board is ridden, it suddenly stops. What is the problem with it & how can it be fixed?

  15. Hi my name is a Alexa so I had my hoverboard for a couple of years now and I just ordered a new charger from Amazon. I’m charging it rn is it supposed to blink orange while changing but when I take it off it’s on green so is that a good sign because it works completely fine after

    1. If it is blinking orange while charging and then works fine when its not charging that is perfectly normal.

  16. My son’s hover 1 all star hoverboard exploded over the weekend and started a fire. It had stopped working and troubleshooting said it could be the charger or battery. We have multiple hoverboards so I told him to use one of the other chargers to see if that was the problem. It had only been a few hours when it started to fizzle and exploded. When I contacted the company they said the charger we used had too high of voltage (42vl) and that’s what caused the hoverboard to explode. Do you know if that is true? How would I ever know that? If I put in the brand and model on amazon it brings up only 42vl chargers. So I would have ended up with that voltage replacing it either way. Can you please clarify if what they said is true? Thank you so much!

    1. Yes, what the company said makes sense. You should only use hoverboard chargers that match the voltage of the original charger. There is a warning sticker under most hoverboards that tells you this. The sticker should also tell you the voltage of the battery inside. If it doesn’t you can always open the hoverboard shell up and check the sticker on the actual hoverboard battery itself.

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