Best Skateboard Elbow Pads & Buying Guide

Skateboard Elbow Pads & Buying Guide

Best Brands for Elbow Pads

Skateboarding is a game that is engaging and fun, however, it likewise accompanies its dangers. Even though skateboarding is appealing, skaters will ordinarily have falls. Indeed, this is a part of the game, particularly if you are at the tenderfoot stage. In any case, with an end goal to guarantee that the wounds are at the negligible, you must secure your body parts (heads, elbows, and knees) from getting into substantial contact with the ground. With this, it is suitable that everybody skates under the protection of furnished and legitimate defensive equipment.

As a major viewpoint of purchasing defensive rigging for skateboarding, you must put into attention the elbow cushions. As the name proposes, these are intended to secure your elbows. They are sold in pairs so that you can secure both your elbows. It is anyway critical that you achieve the best of value to serve you in the long haul. The market is swarmed with skateboarding elbow cushions, however, it is relevant and vital that you go with the best brands. The following are some skateboarding elbow cushions that you can consider.

Triple 8 pads EP 55 Elbow Pads

Triple 8 pads EP 55 Elbow Pads

The Triple Eight brand is quite recognised in the games business and the arrival of the Triple Eight EP 55 Elbow Pads was certainly an upheaval for the brand. They are intended to offer the best of value while guaranteeing ultimate security due to its amazing cushioning. Even when skateboarding on unsafe grounds, for example, on the open harsh ground, they provide security to the riders. It is additionally easy to set up so that you can skateboard without the dread of moving positions. They come in various sizes to fit diverse skater needs. You must get the correct size, else the misfits can hug your skin too tightly to make you uncomfy.

Triple 8 EP 55 Elbow Pads
56 Reviews
Triple 8 EP 55 Elbow Pads
  • Elbow pads offer significant protection for skaters that need extra padding for use in skateparks
  • Heavy-duty EVA memory foam; comfortable and cool Lycra sleeve
  • High-density, impact-resistant cap securely attached with reinforced rivets

TSG Elbow Pads Force IV Safety Equipments

TSG Elbow Pads Force IV Safety Equipments
TSG Elbow Pads Force IV Safety Equipments

Another brand that is prevailing aggressively in the market is TSG. It introduced the TSG elbow cushions Force IV Safety Equipment that tries to convey quality coupled with solace while taking care of the well-being. The ergonomic shape will fit flawlessly on your elbow so that you don’t feel like you are wearing anything on your elbows. The solid multi-layered adjustable foam guarantees that it is agreeable. It is important to know that skating requires the best of your fixation and it is ruinous to have an uneasy elbow cushion. Hence, be watchful on the consideration to avoid extending it too far, too quick.

TSG Elbow Pads Force IV Safety...
13 Reviews
TSG Elbow Pads Force IV Safety...
  • TSG combines top rated safety with comfort
  • Designed and constantly refined by our skate team riders, the Force IV is the strongest and most comfortable pad available
  • The ergonomic Pre-Shaped design with extra strong multi-layered memory foam leaves nothing to be desired for all day use.

Triple Eight ExoSkin Elbow Pads

The ExoSkin elbow cushion from Triple Eight is picking up support in the market, and for all the right reasons. With the prime goal to advance toughness, it accompanies the extreme scraped spot and tear obstruction Kevlar outside cover. It can get sweat-soaked when skating. These cushions accompany punctured Neoprene bodies to take into account breath-capacity. Also, the terry-material covering within advances sweat assimilation empowering solace. They are in this manner adaptable, offer a solid match, and guarantee security.

Triple Eight ExoSkin Elbow Pad
49 Reviews
Triple Eight ExoSkin Elbow Pad
  • High density 8-lin foam padding for elbow caps; Velcro straps make for a custom fit
  • Exterior Kevlar cover for maximum abrasion & tear resistance
  • Six padded pockets for key impact areas to the sides of the knee

Pro-Tec Park Skate Elbow Pads

Pro Tec Park Skate Elbow Pads
Pro-Tec Park Skate Elbow Pads

These cushions are structured by Pro-Tec to offer solace, usefulness, and solidness. With its push-flex innovation and the EVA container froth, it takes into account adaptability. Likewise, when we talk about adaptability, it gives an ideal fit. The texture is tough which guarantees that it doesn’t wear and tear effortlessly.

Pro-Tec Park Elbow Pad
7 Reviews
Pro-Tec Park Elbow Pad
  • High-grade fabrics
  • Full-coverage caps
  • EVA cup Foam

TSG All-Terrain Black Elbow Pads

TSG planned these off-road elbow cushions to guarantee that skateboarding stays safe regardless of where you are skateboarding. Whether it is an unpleasant territory or delicate ground, the comfort, as well as the security, is great. It offers moulded plastic tops outwardly for security, however, at the inside, it is made of froth to guarantee comfort. With an end goal to advance ventilation, it has a Lycra two-fold layer work. The twofold sewing goes long route into advancing the strength and diminishing the wear and tear. If not worn legitimately the plastic can make it somewhat uneasy.

TSG All Terrain Black Elbow Pad
10 Reviews
TSG All Terrain Black Elbow Pad
  • TSG All Terrain Elbow pads distributed by Skate One Corp
  • TSG elbow pads for all terrain missions, whether park or street skating
  • Contoured plastic cap and inner foam with articulated fit

Pro-Tech Street Elbow Pads

In case you are looking for solace and adaptability, these Pro-Tec road elbow cushions accompany full wrap ties to guarantee customizability. The cut back sleeves likewise improve the customizability. The containers are made of plastic, which makes them perfect for both roads and stops skateboarding. The outer portion is made of polycarbonate full inclusion plastic tops, while the rest is made of EVA froth to guarantee comfort. You should make sure you lash it well to keep it from sliding off the elbow.

Pro-Tec Street Elbow Pads
4 Reviews
Pro-Tec Street Elbow Pads
  • Full coverage ABS hard caps and soft EVA cup foam absorb high impacts
  • Durable lycra and ballistic nylon fabrics resist tearing while allowing flexibility
  • Breathable, ergonomic materials keep the wearer comfortable, cool, and dry

187 Killer Elbow Pads – Black

These skateboarding elbow cushions are intended to offer insurance without the need to make it cumbersome. The inside accompanies predominant froth and the containers are bolted for excellent execution. They are additionally tough as they are twofold sewed and are made of solid, high-quality nylon material. They characterise an extraordinary fit to guarantee solace and usefulness.

187 Killer Elbow Pads - Black -...
6 Reviews
187 Killer Elbow Pads - Black -...
  • Tapered finish & streamline design for less bulk
  • Contoured shape with seamless interiors for amazing fit & comfort
  • Double stitching and high-strength ballistic nylon for durability

Here, we have covered the elbow pads which are the best in the market. Please note, although its a personal preference, one must keep safety at first. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you must wear pads and helmets for your safety.


Picking the Right Elbow Pads:

There are a few variables which measure the nature of the best skateboard cushion. You must make the correct move in picking the right elbow cushions such that they are protected and agreeable, and furthermore have a sensible cost guaranteeing great quality.

  1. Material

The best skateboards are made of the material that contains Ballistic Nylon. This stuff secures your ride so that you can ride a skateboard on any type of terrain. The cushions should not be excessively massive as it makes it impossible for the boards to be ergonomic. Elbow cushions that incorporate a high thickness plastic shell are simply great if that plastic is connected to the cushioning with a fortified bolt.

  1. Moderate Price

Skateboards Elbow Pads have inelastic value as per the flexibility of interest as it is viewed as a need for the ones who truly require it. So you should ensure that you are searching for an item with a sensible value which gives you both great quality as well as reasonable cost. Along these lines, you need not delve too profoundly into your wallet either. Finding an equalization is not a test in the present market.

  1. Picking your size

Skateboard elbow cushions are customizable cushions intended to protect your bones amid falls or wipeouts. This graph will enable you to pick the most ideal size for yourself.

  1. Weight

Here is the quick preview of the weight available for the different categories.

Small: under 125 Ibs
Medium: 125-150 Ibs
Center  (C) Measurement
Junior: Fits youngsters
Small: 7″-8″

  1. Quality

Being agreeable and torment free while skateboarding is an unquestionable requirement to appreciate this game. If you keep yourself agreeable you will feel loose and cheerful. Thus, it won’t be a terrible thing if you spend some extra bucks to purchase the best elbow cushions. In reality, it will spare you a great deal of cash as far as sparing your bone from mishaps.

People don’t wear elbow cushions since they can be awkward, they confine development. Be that as it may, these cushions support finish assurance without confining development, which thusly makes wearing the elbow cushion less demanding.


As we have already seen the variables that measure the nature of the best skateboard cushion, it is time to make the correct decision in picking the best elbow cushions that are of great quality, and are safe, efficient, and affordable. Elbow cushions having high thickness plastic are a great choice if they have the fortified bolt. Skateboards Elbow Pads are simply undeniable for extreme security and safe-rides. One must have it if they intend to ride on rough terrain, in particular.

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