Best Skateboard Helmets

  • Triple Eight Certified Helmet

Triple Eight 3013 Dual Certified HelmetIn the event that we needed to pick one particular protective cap that is the best available today for anybody it would be this Triple Eight head protector. It follows both U.S. CPSC Bicycle Safety Standard and the ASTM Standard for skateboard caps. This head protector is estimated in the medium-to-high range yet dependent on the sheer number of positive audits we are certain that this cap is definitely justified even despite the cost. An extremely cool angle to this protective cap is that the sweatproof cushioning is replaceable and there are distinctive shapes and choices of the inside cushioning that you can redo dependent on your head shape and solace level.

  • Pro Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet

This Pro-Tec protective cap is certainly another suitable choice. It’s valued marginally higher than the Triple Eight head protector recorded above, in any case, Pro-Tec has organizations with an assortment of other skateboard marks so there are numerous well known skateboard mark logos on these caps accessible that youthful skaters love and could help decrease the disgrace of a cap being “not cool” to wear. This head protector is likewise ensured by both the CPSC and ASTM gauges, so you can be sure about the wellbeing and nature of insurance it will give.

  • Kryptonics Step Up Helmet

Kryptonics Step Up HelmetThis is a lower cost alternative for an ASTM ensured skateboard protective cap. It gives that barebones highlights you would expect including ventilation, an EPS sweat safe cushioned liner, and an agreeable customizable button lash. You’re not going to emerge wearing this cap, but rather it will perform sufficiently and ensure the head and skull which is all that truly matters while picking a protective cap. This is our  pick for individuals on a spending who would prefer not to forfeit quality and security yet need to get a decent arrangement.

  • Triple Eight Helmet with Sweat Saver Liner

This is presumably the most famous protective cap available today and it even has worked in perspiration safe innovation to keep your head cool. Triple eight offers an expansive assortment of hues and styles of this protective cap and more youthful skaters could likewise add stickers to their head protector to tweak the look much further. The significant disadvantage to this head protector is that it isn’t in fact affirmed by either CPSC, ASTM, or NZ. While the protective cap might be sheltered and powerful, we can’t generally prescribe this cap in accordance with some basic honesty because of the absence of confirmation.

  • Krash Vector Victor Helmet

Purchasing a head protector for a youthful kid who resistants wearing a cap since it’s “not cool”? This is the protective cap for you! This CPSM and ASTM confirmed protective cap adopts an interesting strategy to speak to youthful kids who are hesitant to wear head protectors. This protective cap highlights mohawk style silicon spikes to give the head protector a tense look that is seen as cool by numerous youthful children. These spikes are delicate and will have no effect on the cap’s viability or capacity to secure the youngster’s head, they are simply restorative. Numerous guardians rave about how simple is it to get their children to wear this protective cap in the wake of attempting numerous other head protector types. There are an assortment of child inviting plans and hues accessible for the two young ladies and young men making it our pick for best youth skateboard protective cap.

  • Triple Eight Lil 8 Certified Helmet

In contrast to the Krash Vector, this Triple Eight head protector offers a more customary youth skateboard cap. It is a higher end choice and is accessible in an assortment of splendid hues that are ideal for children and youthful kids. This head protector is guaranteed by both the CPSM and ASTM and is made to fit kids and babies all things considered. Like the first grown-up adaptation of the Triple Eight protective cap, this adolescent variant highlights a cooling framework and agreeable and customizable button lash to keep the cap safely set up. An extraordinary choice for kids who lean toward a more ordinary looking head protector contrasted with the spiked mohawk variant talked about already.

  • Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike/Skate/Multi Sport CM-1 Helmet

In spite of the fact that not really a skateboard particular head protector, this bicycle cap has the class skate cap shape. In spite of the fact that not affirmed to be a skate head protector, it passes the test for CPSC bicycle accreditation. This protective cap consolidates vents in the ABS plastic shell to avert overheating and permit a cool wind on your head as you ride. I don’t prescribe this protective cap to no-nonsense skaters who are pushing the breaking points with perilous and muddled traps entrance ramps and rails. Be that as it may, in the event that you coolly ride a skateboard or longboard as a technique for transportation and furthermore in some cases ride bicycles, this might be the ideal protective cap for you.

  • Blind Adult Helmet

Prior to plunging into our musings on this protective cap, we want to clear up that “Daze” is a surely understand skateboard brand and this cap isn’t expected to be a cap for visually impaired individuals. Possibly deceptive name aside, this protective cap is made particularly for and ensured for skateboarding. This cap includes the “Visually impaired Skateboards” logo which is a major draw for skateboarding fans. It likewise incorporates standard inside cushioning and venting that in like manner in most skateboard caps today. One downside to this protective cap is the absence of perspiration sealing or cooling innovation that numerous different brands offer, which may prompt abundant perspiring and ending up uneasily hot to wear.

  • Punisher Skateboards Pro Series 13-Vent Dual Safety Certified BMX Bike and Skateboard Helmet

Punisher Skateboard HelmetAt an incredible cost, this head protector offers an expansive determination of brilliant neon hues and the significant serenity of both ASTM and CPSC accreditations. In contrast to other organization’s head protectors, these hues won’t blur from daylight because of the radiance metallic enemy of chip paint. This protective cap likewise offers a one of a kind 13 vent cooling frameworks to avoid inordinate perspiring and take into account a cool and agreeable ride. Another incredible component of this protective cap is that as opposed to having distinctive sizes, they incorporate three diverse measured cushions to settlement little, medium, and substantial head sizes with a similar cap. Ideal for a developing high schooler, or if the cap is shared among kids with various head sizes!

  • Traverse Vigilis 2-in-1 Convertible Ski and Snowboard/Bike and Skate Helmet with Mini Visor

Another flexible alternative for those searching for a head protector equipped for dealing with different exercises other than skateboarding. While it’s in fact guaranteed for biking and skiing, it might be viable for causal skateboard and snowboard utilize. The cap has two inside cushioning alternative relying upon what action you are doing. In the event that you appreciate snow sports this protective cap is furnished with warm ear muffs and a place to mount ski goggles, and in the event that you need to skate or bicycle these muffs can be evacuated and supplanted with customary skateboard head protector cushioning. The slight visor on this protective cap likewise gives it the presence of a BMX cap on the off chance that you like performing bicycle traps. Unquestionably the most interesting protective cap on this rundown, ideal for a thrill seeker who appreciates an assortment of extraordinary exercises.

  • Triple Eight 3037 Dual Certified, Small/Medium, All Black Rubber

Triple Eight 3037 Dual Certified HelmetTriple Eight is a reasonable guaranteed head protector with a solid development and is insightfully built and custom fitted to meet all your security necessities. It’s otherwise called the best multi impacts protective caps, because of its one of a kind plan and unmatchable quality.

The organization additionally produces first class skateboards and long boarding units.

The Triple Eight highlights an external shell and a perspiration saver liner within so no perspiration dribbles all over and occupies you from your ride or make you uneasy.

It is the plan of the protective cap that makes it incredible and one of a kind from its rivals. The side cut is exceptionally beautiful and looks extraordinary on the head and furthermore includes a tweaked triple eight logo bolts. It’s additionally appropriately ventilated that vanishes/dry out the perspiration and forestall smell or microorganisms.

You’ll likewise get an ideal fit due to its 360-degree fold over plan and this guarantees there is no liner partition in its inside.  It agrees to U.S. CPSC Safety Standard for bike protective caps for people age 5 and more established in addition to the ASTM F-1492-08 Safety Standards for Skateboarding. In addition, CE EN 1078 for pedal cyclists, skateboarders and roller skaters consistent and AS/NZS 2063 for bike head protectors agreeable. It accompanies 2 sets of fit cushions just on the off chance that you require a modify fit.

  • Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

Triple 8 Downhill Racer HelmetRarely you know about a full face protective cap for skateboarding. Or then again isn’t that right? Indeed, the triple 8 downhill racer head protector is one of those which is easily low weight and gives significantly better ensure in case of an effect. In spite of the fact that one may state that why not pick a straightforward bike cap? To be completely forthright, those are ludicrously substantial and you aren’t much doing any physical movement while riding a bike. Ideal out of the crate, this thing has offers an ideal fit and greatest security against a wide range of effects and not at all like some shoddy caps whose proficiency would blur after a few effects, this cap can manage resulting impacts effectively. Its inside has been upgraded with the end goal to address all issues of downhill skaters and furthermore to pass CPSC and ASTM confirmation. Obviously, it has an entirely durable development that brings you into certainty the minute you put it on your head.  The main thing you’ll abhor about Triple 8 racer fullface protective cap is its tinted visor and in the event that you are a continuous night rider, it very well may be entirely more dangerous. In general, its visor is brilliant and the tint likewise decreases glare and low bending optics for an extraordinary sight.

  • TSG Pass Helmet

A few people need well being and takes a gander in the meantime and TGS Pass Helmet is one of those wonders. While it is to a great degree light in weight, it looks alluring in the city and is a full face head protector.

In contrast to numerous protective caps, it doesn’t have any EPS froth noticeable around the edges of its shell and furthermore includes attractive cheek cushions that makes cleaning simpler and furthermore accompanies liner for included comfortable fit. In any case, its complete around mouthpiece is somewhat imperfect and you must be watchful while picking the size.

Its venting framework merits making reference to here that helps keep your head cool. Likewise, in the event that you want to wear your most loved goggles, you can. On account of its roomy front opening that enables you to do as such. Its liner feels amazingly great the minute you wear it and notwithstanding when close immersed with perspiration on more sweltering days, you won’t experience any difficulty wearing it and riding out the road. You’ll likewise adore its twofold D-ring conclusion framework. When contrasted with different items at a similar cost, its button watch has enough flex and finishes the squeezer test and along these lines expands your general certainty level when riding out and about.

  • JBM CPSC ASTM Certified Helmet

JBM Helmet is intended for multi-sports exercises like cycling, skateboarding, BMX biking, inline and roller skating. With regards to wellbeing, you can believe this brand as it is CPSC ASTM affirmed and is prepared to tolerate a wide range of contacts easily without breaking.  It accompanies customizable ties and three size varieties. You can physically alter these lashes and side clasp if the size feels too tight or free and skate serenely.  Its effect obstruction capacities with hostile to stun working merit making reference to here. This likewise indicates how truly the brand deals with your security. JBM cap is built from the most elevated quality hard shell with extreme and strong PVC and PC with EPS froth that shields your head from direct effects and productively retains impacts. It had been tried to hold up under the hardest effects and ensure your head and has a beautiful look that will make the heads turn out and about.

  • ProRider BMX Bike and Skate Helmet

This is the BMX type head protector ideal for children, youth and grown-ups and comes at an extremely sensible cost with some tempting highlights. It’s not your customary skateboard cap but rather an exemplary multi-sports head protector with additional hard external shell for most extreme security out and about.

In general, it has an extraordinary ventilation because of its streamlined plan with various vents that keeps up a solid stream of air as your ride.

  • Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet

Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer HelmetThe Bern cap is well known for its solid external shell which is built from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) polymer which gives it unrivaled quality and solidness. This shell is fundamentally solid and solid enough and is skilled to deal with the hardest effects without breaking and furthermore ensuring your head in the meantime.  Execution insightful this protective cap is first class and will guarantee greatest wellbeing and has a decent ventilation on account of its 11 vents that keeps your head dry. These vents really complete an extremely incredible activity. In general, it has a strong shell with a decent weave winter liner and has appropriate ventilation vents have been incorporated to keep your head cool and guarantee that sweat dries out rapidly without deserting any awful scent.  The tough polyester ties with brisk discharge clasp merit making reference to and enables you to safely fit on your head. For extra modification, it has cushioned additions for impeccable fitting.

  • Screwball – Patterned Street Bike Helmet for Adults Nutcase – Patterned Street Bike for Adults

You can wear a customary protective cap however with Nutcase on your head, you’ll feel sheltered as well as certain when riding your board. It accommodates your head splendidly and has a remarkable dial framework to change in accordance with your ideal fit. The item is additionally ensured for biking and skating and is to a great degree light in weight with various venting framework that keeps you cool all through and makes your drive agreeable and pleasant.

  • Punisher Skateboards 11-Vent Multi-SportPunisher 11-Vent Multi-Sport

Punisher Skateboards 11Since we as a whole love cool illustrations on our head protector, the Punisher caps are one of those that have some cool designs installed on the external shell and looks to a great degree sharp. Its medium size is ideal for a very long time 5+ and can be utilized by children of the age up to 14 years. You won’t need to stress over the wellbeing as its ABS plastic shell with dark EPS froth liner is CPSC security standard agreeable.

  • Flybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi SportFlybar Dual Certified CPSC Multi Sport

Flybar Dual Certified CPSCA double affirmed head protector (CPSC and ASTM Certified) and is multi-reason. Along these lines, regardless of whether you cherish skateboarding, bicycling, longboarding, roller, bike or pogoing, this cap is made for you. It comes in seven distinct hues and structure alternatives.

It has a sturdy external shell with EPS froth inward covering and shields your head from those overwhelming effects while offering you an agreeable cozy fit. Likewise, it has a turn dial on the back for an ideal and safe fit.

  • Vigor Audio Helmets – Buitl In Bluetooth Speakers

The time has come to venture up your diversion with your most loved music. The VIGOR head protector accompanies worked in Bluetooth speakers and is a triple confirmed cap guaranteeing most extreme wellbeing. This head protector is additionally multi-reason and upgrades your activity sports with your most loved music out of sight.

Inside this item are two arrangements of exchangeable cushions that gives you a custom fit with flexible cam bolts on ties with no-squeeze attractive clasp measure.


We have provided you with various options to explore before you make a purchase. You can always pay a little extra and get the helmet of the color you want and the graphics of your choice.

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