Best Longboard Slide Gloves & Buying Guide


Cruising downhill doesn’t generally require sliding, however then it does, you will need to wear sliding gloves. Sharp turns, snappy stops and propelled traps all require the handy utilization of your hands. Regardless of whether you are new to downhill longboarding or you have been riding for quite a long time, picking the privilege sliding gloves can help your certainty while handling steep runs and new moves.


What Are Sliding Gloves?


Ever consider how gloves secure longboarders’ hands as they haul over the asphalt at 30+ miles every hour? The mystery is in the palm of their hands.


Every single sliding glove incorporate a palm (or sliding) puck. Made with a designed thermoplastic, creating a firm, low-contact and stable float, palm pucks will shield your digits from the unforgiving asphalt.


As the core of the sliding glove, this bit of gear is significant to legitimate sliding procedure. The palm puck ought to be set toward the foot rear area of your hand. This will urge you to apply weight at the base of your hand. On the off chance that you put the puck in the focal point of your palm, you will be more inclined to get a handle on the puck, making the fingers drag.


Finding the privilege sliding glove will rely upon your aptitude level and the sorts of slopes you choose to handle. For amateurs, the utilization of finger pucks (more about this beneath) will help keep away from slip-ups. Then again, further developed riders might need to exchange extra insurance for predominant adaptability while snatching the rails of their sheets.


Luckily, there are numerous quality sliding gloves for all aptitude levels that you can look over.



Best Longboard Slide Gloves


Heavy obligation activity on the longboard requires sliding gloves that can meet these extraordinary requests. Past insurance, the best sliding gloves permits any longboard rider to do execute traps and displays certainly – a relatively unthinkable accomplishment to do with uncovered hands.


You may believe that you may not discover the need to utilize it, until the point that you get that inclination to venture up your diversion and do the slide. When you do, you will need to have sliding gloves prepared for those propelled moves that request fitness from your hands.



Purpose  behind Slide Gloves


Normally, in the event that you are simply beginning in longboarding, utilizing gloves may not be your need. In the long run, as you enhance your aptitude, you will comprehend why it is basic to have a decent match of sliding gloves. These are the best longboard embellishments you will put resources into. Your decision of slide gloves can either enhance or harm your longboard encounters. One model is the point at which a rider extends the arms in reverse and the hand interacts with the ground to help the body, this will require abundant security. The move of gravity is changed and the hand will help keep the equalization. The sliding glove secures the hands. In any case, the incredible sliding gloves will enable you to deal with that great slide all through its total. The best longboard slide gloves will fundamentally keep you damage free whether you are a learner or a propelled rider.


The Parts of a Slide Glove


What make a slide glove particular are its interesting parts particularly intended for longboarding. There are specific parts of a slide glove that make it exceptional: the principle glove, the puck, and the wrist tie.


  1. The Glove


It is the primary material that covers and ensures your hand. The perfect slide glove is produced using adaptable, lightweight, in particular, solid material. Astounding sliding gloves accompany harder material set on the knuckles territory for more insurance.




  1. The Puck


The puck is the hardest piece of the glove, since this is the one that contacts the ground particularly amid longboard slides. Being the part that takes the effect and erosion against the street, this is developed from plastic or other hard material. There are variations of pucks that are produced using milder material. While these might be more agreeable, these will in general destroy rapidly, in the end bringing about a terrible execution. The nature of the puck will frequently enable you to perceive between a quality slide glove from a substandard one.


  1. The Wrist Strap


Similarly as with many wearing gloves, the wrist lash capacities to modify the glove to cozily fit the wrist region. This keeps the glove to tumble off as it additionally gives the required help on the wrist amid slides.



Dealing with Your Sliding Gloves

Sliding gloves get hammered while buffering the little spaces between your fragile living creature and the asphalt, and in the end the sliding pucks should be supplanted. Sliding pucks are made of a solid designed plastic, however they are not indestructible. Almost certainly, the plastic pucks will destroy before your gloves do and should be swapped out.


The uplifting news it that quality substitution pucks can be found available at a small amount of the expense of another match of gloves. Most sliding pucks append to sliding gloves with a solid Velcro grasp, so it is prudent that substitutions share a similar brand cement as the glove. Top brands like Sector 9, Loaded and Triple Eight all offer trades for their gloves, ensuring that their gloves can remain out and about for a considerable length of time to come.


Similarly as with all longboarding gear, you should supplant your sliding gloves when they can never again give the security they once guaranteed. All things considered, when utilizing the correct methods, appropriate puck position, and quality materials, sliding gloves can keep going for some, numerous declining rides.


Best Longboard Slide Gloves 2018

  • Loaded Longboard Freeride Slide Gloves Version 7.0

The producers of Loaded Freeride Gloves Version 7.0 thought of this slide glove configuration dependent on the criticism of longboarders. Presently built from scraped spot safe Cordura®/Kevlar®/engineered calfskin, it is a couple made more strong than any time in recent memory. The Coolmax® lining and vented work give the breathable solace required. In particular, the Poron XRD® palm cushioning and viscoelastic froth knuckle cushion give a definitive assurance amid slides and longboard traps. The pucks are removable and can be put away if not required. This kind of gloves is accessible in three sizes, which makes it incredible for youth and ladies. One primary concern is the size that runs too little for bigger hands.

  • Loaded Longboard Goatskin Skateboard Race / Slide Gloves V2

Structured in light of the extraordinary solidness, the Loaded Longboards Goatskin Race Slide Gloves merits its title as the best sliding gloves in earth. The amazing goatskin cowhide gives the sturdiness expected to those outrageous moves amid riding. The fingers and knuckles are secured by the carbon knuckles and finger defenders for ideal help amid sliding and cloth dolling. This combine of gloves is extraordinary for little to medium-sized hands. Riders with additional substantial hands should look elsewhere.

  • Andux Land skateboard slider Slide Glove red HBST-05

This is estimated among the more spending plan benevolent slide gloves yet performs sufficiently well. Consequently it has the right to have its place in this rundown of best slide gloves. With breathable texture and super solid Velcro wrist lash, it accompanies removable slider pucks that likewise incorporates a thumb. Andux likewise included another slider set in the event that substitution would be required. Experienced riders should give this is a decent look and think about this brand.

  • Sector 9 BHNC Slide Gloves S/M – Limeburst

In striking hues, Sector 9 Slide Gloves originating from the trustworthy maker of longboards, unquestionably gets the attention. The highlights settle on it an extraordinary decision for new riders. It gives a better than average measure of security, hostile to vibration, and high-thickness grasp all bundled in an agreeable and breathable neoprene material. Clients commend it for its incredible execution and fit.

  • Triple 8 Sliders Longboard Gloves

Triple 8 Slider Glove boast of its tear-safe Kevlar fingertips which will secure your digits notwithstanding amid the roughest slides. In the event that that isn’t sufficient, you can purchase an additional arrangement of pucks and slider bars sold independently. Regardless of whether for cruising of downhill slides, the Triple 8 Sliders will never come up short your ride or your traps. Phenomenally tough, the gloves are produced using top-grain calfskin that will last you for some, numerous rides and slides to come.

Top of the line Gloves Currently in Amazon:

Picking the best longboard slide gloves can be troublesome on the off chance that you just take a gander at the appearance. To assist you with your choice, you go for the one picked by clients dependent on the most astounding evaluations. The Triple 8 Slider Gloves claimed its legitimate place in this rundown of best sliding gloves in the market today. Aside from its astounding execution dependent on surveys, it arrives in a reasonable mid-go cost and an impartial appearance that can coordinate any outfit.



An extraordinary ride ought to be coordinated with an incredible glove. To continue onward and getting a charge out of more travels, downhill slides, and longboard rides, you have to take great consideration of your hands and fingers. These gloves will bring your abilities a few steps higher knowing your wellbeing is guaranteed and in addition the faultless mobility that won’t be conceivable without the ideal combine of longboard sliding gloves. Aside from having gloves for wellbeing you can likewise join best longboard embellishments lights as it will help you getting saw in darker regions. It will likewise enable add to style to your longboard ride.







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