TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker Review

TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker Review

The world of hoverboards has already taken over the century. Right from its inception, the craze has amazed the population over the world and the celebrities took it to a different level. Now when you look at some of the most stylish hoverboards on the internet, you will certainly want one for yourself which is stylish and comfortable. The exclusive Tomoloo hoverboard is all you have been craving for. Its exciting features fulfill your dream ride and all at your comfort level. The excellent reviews have made it into one of the top 10 hoverboards of the year.

What makes this Tomoloo Model Unique?

When we are talking about its uniqueness, we must mention that they come in exclusive design which can take you beyond the limits. They have got crazily attractive set of wheels and structure which can make you fall in love in the very first go. They are the first mechanical self balancing electric scooter in the market with the best ever qualities to fulfil all your requirements.

The Safety Standards

These hoverboard are 100% certified by the Underwriters Laboratory after passing through hundreds of rigorous tests. Not just that, they are also approved by the CPSC. The UL 2272 certifications guarantee that the fire accidents and short circuiting or sparkling can no more be seen here. They are also safe to be used by the new riders who are in their learning phase. You no more need to worry about your feet slipping or your battery overheating. They are cent percent safe and that’s the guarantee!

How Far It Can Go?

Since we are talking about its mileage, we must tell you that it is the maximum distance the electric scooter can cover in one go, in a single charge. So, the maximum range is upto 12 miles and that’s huge. This non-stop riding experience can fill you up with all the energy and enthusiasm needed for a real refreshed mind and body. You no more need to worry for charging for hoverboards time and again because they can travel a wide range before losing its battery charge.

The Speed Limit

Each one of us loves speed, right? We love to ride at the speed of light and make one hell of the life experiences. These are among the fastest hoverboards of 2018 and give a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. 10 mph is considered to be a great speed which even many of the professional riders crave for.

The Charging Time

These self balancing electric scooters can refill themselves up in just about 2-3 hours duration. You will not be seen sitting with a frustrated look, waiting for your hoverboard to get ready for your long ride.

Stereo Sound Bluetooth Music Features

The excellent quality of the speakers is adored by almost all of the buyers. The sound effect is simply extraordinary. You can have one of the coolest rides with your favourite music on. They say that even their kids love riding with the music on. When you ride with the speakers connected, that gives a different kind of attractive look which makes the audience stare at you. You certainly can be the limelight of the day as well as the night. They can be easily connected to your portable devices and has 5 watt dual HIFI Bluetooth speakers. That’s really amazing!

The Ever Lasting High Quality Batteries

The batteries matter the most, no doubts. That is why we chose to tell you in depth about the quality and features of the batteries used in Tomoloo Hoverboards. The smart battery management system and excellent battery sources have made them the top quality batteries of all time. The 43000 mAh capacity makes it hold a good amount of charge. These are protected from all kinds of evils that a battery is prone to. Amazing protection against all issues like the Over-current protection, the Short-circuit Protection, the Over-charging Protection and the Balance Protection makes it one of the most efficient batteries of all time. Adding to this, these hoverboards are Temperature Protected and can overcome the problems that most hoverboard’s batteries face after long rides.

The Multicolour LEDs

The unique combination of red, green and blue LED lights makes it look awesome every time. Unlike other hoverboards, which usually offer one coloured LED lights these have variations and can even be allowed to change the colours using special features available to handle the hoverboard. If you do not like red on Tuesday, then just switch to blue and maybe you would prefer for green on Friday. It’s simply fun to play with these lights.

The App Feature

Okay, now the app feature lets you do multiple tasks. First let us talk about LEDs. They help you change the colour of LEDs using the app. Adding to it, you can also change the effect. Then you can manage the speed, intensity, sensitivity and know the battery percentage, and the real time location using this app. It also has the facility to maintain an auto shut down time so that you don’t keep enjoying the entire day.

All Age Group

These are suitable for each and every age group. Be it a kid or an adult, the built is so safe and secure and well manufactured that even kids can easily learn to ride the board. This can be the best Christmas present for anyone in your family. And bet what, they will simply love their gifts.


The budget of these hoverboards is intermediate and you can easily buy them under $350. You can easily get these from the market or through online websites. These hoverboards, which are in great demand these days, can be purchased at nominal costs. A great quality product is something you can always invest into. The investment proves really fruitful and helps you save in the long run.

The Weight Capacity

They can easily handle weight of riders under 265 pounds. That is a huge limit that it provides. So, even if many of the well known brands are preventing you from taking fun of the hoverboard rides due to your weight, you need not worry because this weight limit will certainly bring a smile of your face.


These hoverboards are in short the best buy these days due to its super exciting features of app, Bluetooth and safe batteries. They are classy in look and smart in built and has a decent budget of $329 at Amazon. So get ready to discover the brand new Tomoloo electric scooters at our nearest shop or online websites. The service provided by the manufacturers are great as well.

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