TOMOLOO Hoverboard Review

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You will be astonished to know that 97% of the consumers, who have purchased the Tomoloo Self Balancing Scooters, have given five stars ranking to these best quality hoverboards. These are stylish and have won the hearts of millions of buyers. You can easily get them at top websites or in your local markets. This hoverboard is simply a blast and can make your boring day utterly exciting. These are advanced and smart scooters all ready to make your ride smooth and reliable. They are in great demand today because of its outstanding quality and features.

How safe is Tomoloo Hoverboard?

So, if these hoverboards have received the top rated reviews, it s very natural they must be in accordance with all the safety standards. Truth be told, they are certified by the Underwriters Laboratory after passing through hundreds of rigorous tests. Not just that, they are also approved by the CPSC. The UL 2272 certifications is a guarantee of them being of supreme quality and truly safe.  They are also safe to be used by the new riders who are in their learning phase. You no more need to worry about your feet slipping or your battery overheating. They are 100% safe and that’s the guarantee!

The Unique LEDs

Unlike other hoverboards, you don’t get simple LED in Tomoloo. The unique combination of red, green and blue lights make it look awesome in dark. You will simply fall in love with the built of these lights which is attractive in all ways.

How Far It Can Go?

Okay here we are talking about its mileage. That is, the maximum distance it can cover in one go, in a single charge. So, the maximum range is upto 12 miles and that’s huge. This non-stop riding experience can fill you up with all the energy you are craving for.

The Speed Limit

Do you love speed? Or does the thought of racers on the alley excite you like anything? Then perhaps this could make your day. These are among the fastest hoverboards of 2018 and give a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. You can talk with the winds and have a super awesome ride where you leave behind anyone and everyone out there.

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The Charging Time

So, when it comes to the charging time, you are lucky here as well. They can refill themselves up in just about 2-3 hours duration. You will not be seen sitting with a frustrated look, waiting for your hoverboard to get ready for your long ride. This means that they are truly reliable and authentic with very less charging time required.

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The Built and Features

The Tomoloo in itself is a style icon. With great designs and outstanding features, these are strong and sturdy. No doubts that these are fast; they are also the most beautiful hoverboard you would have seen till now. The features are innumerable with Bluetooth, speed and quality being the most sought after. It also has the most advanced main board frame, which offers great stability to the riders.

The Bluetooth Features

The 4.0 Bluetooth that comes along with these hoverboards are one of the best features of tomoloo. The quality of the speakers is adored by almost all of the buyers. They say that even their kids love riding with the music on.

The Customized App Feature

All Age Group

These are suitable for one and for all. Be it a kid or an adult, the built is so safe and secure and well manufactured that even you small child can easily learn to ride the board. This means that there is no age barrier and can be used by the riders of all age groups.

The Maximum Weight Limit

The maximum weight limit it can hold is better than what most of the standard hoverboards are capable of carrying. A maximum limit of 264 set a high weight standard and makes it free for the hefty people too to take a full fledged fun ride.

Light and Cool

Batteries Do Matter Most

No doubts the batteries of the electric scooters say a lot about the overall quality. The good news is that these batteries are made by world’s leading battery producers like L.G/Samsung which have gone through rigorous tests to justify their standards. They are manufactured by some of the world’s leading producers.


The budget of the Tomoloo hoverboard is intermediate and if you have saved as much as $350-$400 then you can easily get these from the market or through online websites. These hoverboards, which are in great demand these days, can be purchased at nominal costs.


All in all, these are the top class featured electric scooters which is capable of fulfilling your needs. They are advanced and smart and stylish at the same time. Another reason why this is on the top ten list is the warranty it offers and 24×7 customer service on any of the issues where you get stuck. They come in amazing colors and also have a great speed and range. They are always a best buy and are suitable for kids and adults both. They are very safe and are free from any threat to fire accidents. The batteries are supreme and overall they are of superb quality.

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  1. I placed an order with tomoloo in October not only was I over charged I have not received my product. I messaged tomoloo and they wrote me that they don’t do business anymore. I would be glad to screen shot it -and send a copy. I paid Tomoll and they should be responsible for my refund or my product

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