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The market is flooding with various types and brands of hoverboard and it is becoming difficult to figure out the best one for you. We make your task a bit easier by recommending the strongest and well featured hoverboard of the time. The OXA smart hoverboards are the one in a million choice and has amazing features that will fulfil all your requirements. With an amazing price range it has already won the hearts of many buyers and they also intent to buy the same brand in the near future they say. These are among the handpicked selected hoverboards

Is This Hoverboard Safe?

The hoverboards we are talking about is 100% safe and sound. After passing the world’s most rigorous tests they have been given the UL 2272 certifications which make it truly safe for you and your family. These are quality products manufactured by a leading brand OXA. There is no question of sparkling or short circuiting because they have successfully been tested on numerous basis. Gone are the days when you need to ponder about the fire issues and over-heating consequences. These come with smart and effective overheat protection, low battery protection, over speed protection and over slope protection. This means that it is even safe for the first riders who need special protection while their learning phase.

How Far It Can Go?

Here we are actually talking about the mileage. That is, the maximum distance it can cover in one full charge. You can even call it the range of the hoverboard. So these OXA hoverboards are capable of covering a maximum range of 15-17 km. Whoa, you can go on non-stop in just a single charge without needing to refill it again in between. That makes one heck of its features.

The Speed Limit

Let us talk about its speed limits because speed is what most of our riders crave for. Be it a child or a teenager or an adult, once you learn to ride the electric scooter, you will definitely want more and more of speed. That is why we have considered it as one of the important feature to have a look at while looking for a hoverboard. These hoverboards offer a maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour which is enough to get you in notice by all our neighbours. So are you ready to glide past and be the hero?

The Charging Time

Another important thing we must not forget about is the time taken by the battery to recharge itself. So the good news for you is it is a fast charging hoverboard which takes atmost 3 hours to charge completely. You need not be seen annoyed anymore with the time taken by them to recharge because most of the other hoverboards usually take a plenty of time to fill in the charge inside them.

The Built and Features

When we talk about its built, it is necessary to mention about 3rd generation intelligent control systems. Get yourself ready for an ever smooth ride because the smart mechanism involved here is capable of tracking all your weight shifts and automatically adjusts itself to give you the best experience every time and everywhere. The moment you step on the board, you will not take more than 30 seconds to gain control of the electric scooter.

All Age Group

So hey, it doesn’t matter if you are a teenager or an adult or looking for a present for your lil kid, this hoverboard would work perfectly fine in all circumstances. The good thing about it is the availability of two different modes to choose as per your needs. If you are a new rider, or using it for your kid, then use it in the beginner’s mode. This mode restricts the speed limits and gives a steady and smooth ride. While the second mode which is good for ones who are used to riding, is flexible and smart.

The Maximum Weight Limit

The reason why we have seen most of the people choosing this self balancing board instead of other is also because of the phenomenal weight limit it offers. It means that the heftiest person of your family can even take a wonderful ride on this hoverboard. The maximum limit it can hold is 330 pounds which is the maximum among other top class hoverboards. These are said to have an unbreakable super long lasting and durable body.

Batteries Do Matter Most

When we are talking about hoverboards, taking a look at its batteries is a must. This is because most of its performance would depend upon the quality of the batteries used. Fortunately, the batteries used in these hoverboards are standard and are tested against any defects. They are manufactured by only the world’s trusted manufacturers.


So, let‘s have a quick overview of the price range it will fall into. The average price rate of these hoverboards is below $250. On some of the leading websites you can even get it at a price of @229. 99. So, you can well imagine the quality and quantity of features these hoverboards are providing at such low costs. This will definitely be one of the best hoverboards among the world’s cheapest hoverboards of the decade.

The Inclination

When we talk of the low budget electric scoters, we don’t usually get the features like the capacity to manage slopes and all. However, in OXA hoverboards you are getting an exciting feature of handling inclinations of atmost 45 degrees which is simply great. Also, this is the highest among the top ten hoverboards available in the market. Now, if you are someone who dare to climb such slopy terrains, these hoverboards will definitely be your best friends throughout.


Wrapping up, we just want to say that these are the strongest, most effective and capable hoverboards of all time which comes in amazing price range. These are quality certified and safe from all directions and also comply with the world’s best standards. The red LEDs look attractive when the lights go out and you can be the limelight riding one of the best hoverboards.

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