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Hoverboards have been a trend over the past few years and are expected to grow in the long run. Every other individual is going crazy for getting one for their home. While hoverboards can be as expensive as $700, there are still cheaper hoverboards which are sufficient to meet your day to day requirements. Otto is one such brand which offers one heck of features in just a small amount of money. For your knowledge, you should know that these are among the most inexpensive products that can give you an experience very much similar to the high tech products.

We have collected a bunch of information for you to check out before you buy one. We have found about the parents and grandparents who were extremely delighted to gift these scooters to their children who actually loved it very much. It is a great Christmas present for your loved one to carve a beautiful smile on their face. It has 350 Watt dual motors which are excellent for a wonderful riding experience. You can ride about effortlessly in and outside your house and enjoy the ride.

Bluetooth Speakers in Otto Hoverboards

Otto self balancing electric scooters come with Bluetooth speakers which enables you to listen to music of your choice and make your ride fun. The quality of these speakers is decent and has been appreciated by many of the buyers. Moreover, we have a good customer review on top sites like Amazon and eBay. People say that they have a lovely time seeing their kids enjoy the music while buzzing around on the board.

The Weight Limit It can Stand

Well, be it a kid or an adult, this hoverboard works cool with everyone. Although it has some limits, you can go around in an ever smooth ride and feel the ecstasy. It can carry a maximum weight of 220 pounds, which is quite equivalent to what every standard hoverboard can carry. However, if you weight more than that, it will give you alert signals that might irritate you or even damage your scooter. So, always keep in mind the weight limit and make your ride safe.

How Safe Is the OTTO Hoverboard

You are getting this hoverboard at such an unbelievable price. So naturally, this question might ping you every now and then. If you are still thinking about it, then you may relax because these boards are totally safe and certainly certified by the UL 2272 standards. Like any other standard hoverboard, this has also undergone a huge number of tests after which it has successfully won the certifications. You also need not worry about the fire accidents which you might have seen on YouTube videos or your newspapers headlines. You get special LED lights on the front end to monitor your riding and make it easier. There is an assurance of quality and safety which makes these hoverboards really safe for you and your family. Moreover, these are covered with an anti-fire plastic material cover which protects it from overheating and thus catching wild fires.

The Speed and Range

You might not be able to run these hoverboards on sand or snow or gravel for long, but you can definitely have a smooth riding experience on lesser uneven surfaces especially plains. The 6.5 inch wheels are doing a great job. The speed offers it not bad with a maximum speed limit of 6 miles per hour. When you are inches above on the scooter which has the characteristics of self-balancing then riding at such a speed is like racing around and leaving everything and everyone behind. Even if you are daring to take your hoverboard on inclinations, it can withstand mild inclines such as 15 degrees easily. The range it gives is pretty cool with a maximum of over 8 miles. So, you can go on and on without a full stop on a single charge. You have no limits; you can be the hero now!

Light weighted

That’s another feature of Otto electric scooters which have made them handy and portable. You do not need to bother about carrying it over as these are light in weight. That makes it good for all age groups to ride without any problems.


The Otto hoverboards come with a charger along with the scooter itself. You might just take a couple of hours to charge it and then the fun begins. In two to three hours they usually refill the charge completely. Initially, people have reported issues with the charging system but now they have properly fixed them right and there hasn’t been any complains since then.

So How Much It Will Cost

Now that we have already told you that these are among the cheapest hoverboards available in the market, you might want to know how much you need to pay for it. Well, the price can go as low as $150 dollars and as high as $200. So, that means you are getting a product with exciting features under $200. That’s an amazing deal!


All in all, these self balancing electric scooters are reliable, light and come with Bluetooth speakers and all with a nominal price tag. If you want to try out your first ride and do not want to invest much, then you couldn’t get a better choice. You just need to pay attention to not go beyond the speed limits and these boards will fulfil all your desires. They are safe and sound and offer a good speed and range for a fun ride.

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