Hover 1 Freedom Hoverboard Review

Self-balancing electric scooters have become a sensation in today’s generation. When it comes to buying a hoverboard, there are several points to consider. You may find difficulty in choosing the right electric scooter for yourself. However, we would like to lessen your burden by introducing to you the brand new Hover-1 Freedom self-balancing electric scooter.

Overall, this hoverboard is really good for yourself and your family but pales in comparison to the likes of the StreetSaw JamSaw hoverboard, which has Bluetooth and can be found at a similar price point. Regardless, either one might turn out to the best Christmas present for kids. A hoverboard could even make the best birthday day present for a child too. We understand how important your loved ones are for you, and that is why we recommend only safe hoverboards. These hoverboards are thoroughly tested under the Underwriters Laboratory (UL2272) standards and have passed through rigorous tests. They have been accredited with the latest in safety certifications.

The Cheapest Hoverboard of All Time

You will be startled to know that out of most of the hoverboards in the market, the Hover -1 Freedom self-balancing electric scooters are one of the cheapest hoverboards of all time. The price has slashed up to $148 dollars on leading online shopping platforms last year. During the offer season, the deal is much more exciting.

Brand New: Yet to Explore

Hover-1 Freedom self-balancing scooters are brand new in the market and it hasn’t been too long that they have been in the market. They were out in the market in the month of November and since then they have seen a good sale due to the inexpensive deals. If you want to have an experience of the coaler coaster along the park side in the morning on weekends or use it as a personal transport means to travel to the nearby bakery then you can surely go for this one.

Points to Consider

Okay, if you are someone who has ridden on a number of exclusive hoverboards before and is the master in your own art, then probably you are not going to like this model much. The reasons were simple: they do not come with exciting mobile apps or basic features like LEDs. However, there are things that will persuade you to get this model. We all know that hoverboards have become very famous in the past few years because they are capable of being used as a personal means of transportation with zero carbon emission. So, buying it might help you becoming more eco-friendly. Moreover, they will, in the long run, prove to be cost-effective. And why not select this cheapest yet effective hoverboard?

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Why Hover 1 Freedom Hoverboard?

The reason why these self-balancing scooters have become popular in the market so quickly is their overall quality and affordable price. The Hover-1 Freedom hoverboard has amazing 250-watt dual motors. It comes with a great weight limit of 220 pounds which is just as same as what is offered by standard hoverboards. The battery voltage is 29.4 volts which are good for driving the electric scooter smoothly. The maximum speed that it can cover is 6.2 miles per hour. So you can ride about in splendid speed on the pinnacle of your power. Another good thing about the Hover 1 Freedom self-balancing electric scooter is that it can easily climb inclination up to 17 degrees.

Portable Hoverboards

Another reason why anyone could prefer the Hover 1 Freedom hoverboards is the lightweight quality. These boards are portable as they are light enough to fit into your carry bags. They can be transported from one location to another without any problems.

Charge Timing

This is another good feature of these hoverboards. Unlike some of the older hoverboards, they do not take like 6-8 hours to charge completely. In just about 2-3 hours the work is done.

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The Hover 1 Freedom self-balancing electric scooters are certified to be water-resistant under IPX4 water-resistant rating. These hoverboards with high-quality style and build-up are just more than what they appear to be.

However, there are two sides to every coin and so these hoverboards to have certain limitations. We have already talked about the fact that these hoverboards do not have an app or Bluetooth features and also do not come with the LEDs. In addition to it, these hoverboards also have a maximum range of just 5 miles. But that doesn’t outweigh the good points that it possesses.

There are no doubts that there are so many hoverboards out in the market that it has become difficult to choose from. Moreover, LEDs and Bluetooth requirements are like important features to be considered. This hoverboard is kind of good for beginners who do not have much to do with listening to music or showing off great stylish boards.

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  1. This hover board is so terrible my daughter was riding it and it stopped and launched her across the room and now she has Ruth burn all over her arms. This Hoverboard is way to safe

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