LEIF eSnowboard Electric Skateboard Review

LEIF eSnowboard Electric Skateboard Review

Your ordinary skateboard may work for use amid the late spring season. Be that as it may, during the winter-time, it snows, and you never again can skate it. Be that as it may, the LEIF Esnowboard is the main electric skateboard, which has a special and ground-breaking engine with a wheel arrangement of its kind, enabling you to move simply like a snowboard up to 23 mph with a mileage of 15 miles on a full charge.

It gives you a genuine snowboarding knowledge.

You can likewise keep saving batteries in your pocket or knapsack. Just on the off chance, you come up short on a charge, swap the batteries, and you are good to go for another 15 miles.

This board is waterproof and climate-safe. That asphalt and puddles won’t prevent you from riding your LEIF board.

It may not feel light, the 18 pounds can be marginally hard to convey under the metros, however, it is as yet lighter than numerous different sheets available.

LEIF is the eventual fate of improved and innovatively incredible electric skateboard, and there is no reason concerning why you shouldn’t have this at your home.

LEIF eSnowboard Electric Skateboard Pros & Cons

  • Top speed of 23 mph and mind blowing mileage of 15 miles
  • Travel on any landscape
  • Waterproof
  • Swappable batteries
  • Extremely costly
LEIFTech Leif Snow Board
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LEIFTech Leif Snow Board
  • The LEIF eSnowboard is the only way to have a real snowboarding experience in your daily life.
  • Mountains and snow is replaced by a first of its kind motor and wheel system that allows the ability
  • to move just like a snowboard - up to 23 mph and 15 miles per battery.
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