How Fast Does a Hoverboard Go?

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Speeding up your hoverboard and reaching out for the horizon is every hoverboard lover’s passion. Be it your brand new Aventador or your long-loved Swagtron, you will always want to fly high with the maximum possible speed. Not only for the sake of pleasure, but people crave for speed to meet other needs as well. For example, you urgently need to rush to the medical shop to fetch your grand mom’s medicine or say to return the purse of the lady who left it at your shop, etc., a speedy hoverboard is all you need. However, the question here arises that how fast does a hoverboard go?. Can it go faster than your metallic sculptured bicycle or your dad’s scooter? Or can it cross the speed of your neighbor’s old motorbike? In this article, we shall closely analyze and have a deeper insight into the speed variations of different hoverboards, the maximum speed, and the factors it depends on, and so on.

Now you might wonder why we are dealing with the speed factor after all. Well, there is no doubt that the pace at which the world is advancing is at its peak. That is why every other person desires to match up with the speeding realm of life, be it with their hoverboard or anything else, they always want to on the number one.

For those who have been craving for the fastest hoverboard ever, tighten up your seatbelts because that’s what you will learn about in this article. The speed of the hoverboard ranges from 3 or 4 mph to 13 mph and more. However, the average speed is assumed to be 6 miles per second. You can well imagine how fast it can go at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. The phenomenal speeds of electric scooters have made them more efficient and trendy in the marketplace and also drove the techie minds insane.

The Factors Triggering Speed

Apart from the LED’s, speakers, durable shells and rubber guards, speed is another most sought after characteristics when it comes to selecting hoverboards. There are various factors that mark the strength of the hoverboard and how fast it can go. Key parameters include the size of its wheel, the brand it comes from, the quality of the battery, the power of the electric motor and the design. The weight factor is also included in the determination of its speed. The weight of the rider possesses a great impact on the speed of the board.

Now apart from the above-mentioned factors, the speed of your hoverboard will also vary on the mode you are operating it. Like for example, if you operating it in a beginner’s mode, it naturally will have a slower speed than the normal mode. Likewise in standard mode, the speed will be average. It has been observed that the speed controls also play a vital role in speed determination. The way you hold on to your weight and shift it appropriately leads you to meet higher speed targets.

Again, the surface on which you are riding your hoverboard decides on the maximum speed it can acquire. If the surface is hilly or rough terrain then it will give a lower maximum speed which will eventually show a rise in the case of the plain surface.

Fastest Hoverboard In the World

On what grounds would you classify the hoverboard to be the fastest and most durable? Researchers have confirmed that the below-mentioned hoverboard is outstanding not just in terms of the speed it renders but also the quality it possesses. Let us quickly have a look at some of the world’s fastest hoverboards ever. You will get goosebumps when you look at some of the stunning features coupled with its brilliant speed. The technology used to manufacture the top class hoverboards is supreme and henceforth contribute to its exceptional high speed.

1. The Spaceboad Hoverboard

With the advent of newer brands and classes of hoverboards, there arose a need for a miraculously speeding hoverboard. This need gave birth to what is called Spaceboard hoverboard. Known worldwide for its world-class speed and futuristic styles, the spacer board is crafted with high-tech batteries and motors which accounts for its graciously maximum speed of 17.2 mph. While the space board is a treasure trove for the speed freaks, it is worth mentioning that it is safe as well. If you increase the speed more than the defined speed limit, the led will automatically start to glow indicating that you’ve crossed the maximum speed line.

2. Robot Turbo Hoverboard

Here’s another classy category of hoverboards which can drive you crazy in just a few minutes ride. It is smart and sexy in the way it is structured. If you talk about speed then it won’t ever let you down. 15 miles per hour is the top speed it can ride. Stunning is the architecture, superb is the speed! What’s more? You can ride with great speeds even at hilly and rough terrains and uneven paths. It is durable and can withstand all of the hell, be it drastic water flow or the stormy wind. The lightweight property also adds a positive point to the scooter.

3. Street Saw Hoverboard

Unlike its typical name, the Street Saw Future Saw Pro Edition hoverboard has mesmerizing features that make it fall under one of the fastest moving hoverboards in the world. It can cover up to a maximum of 13 mph when combined with a hoverboard kart, which is simply amazing. Due to its lightweight property and unique curved design, the StreetSaw FutureSaw can cover great speed without any damage issues. Riding a Street Saw is swag in its own way, as only the elite ride them. A Street Saw will leave you enthralled and pumped up on the very first go and for many years afterward.

4. Skque Turbo Hoverboard

The SKQUE hoverboard which has 8-inch wide wheels is one of the fastest hoverboards with a startling speed record of 11 mph, equivalent to almost 18 kilometers per hour.  It is said to fly with the wind and make the rider go zip-zap-zoom. So if you are overly delighted and fascinated to touch the highest of all speed limits and are also ready to do so, then this one’s for you. Due to the robust material, it is made up of, it is durable and interestingly light-weighted.

5. It’s Time For Halo Rover Hoverboard

10 mph! Yes, that’s the maximum speed it can cover. Doesn’t that sound cool? Halo Rover is not just a fast hoverboard that covers multiple miles in one go but is also one of the most durable and long-lasting hoverboards. Riding on a Halo Rover feels much like saying hello to the fast-moving breeze out there waiting for you.

6. Segway MiniPro Hoverboard

This is something super-electric. The dual-motor engine is itself a boon that provides an overall power of more than 1500 watts making the board touch terrific speeds. The maximum speed it can reach is 10 mph. Okay, so it’s just named mini, works huge though!

7. Swagtron

To all those hoverboard lovers out there, Swagtron is not an uncommon name for you, right? Yes, Swagtron is the most popular brand in terms of quality and is also the most trusted. But where does it stand when it comes to speed? If you have been looking for both quality and speed, then this one is definitely for you. The 300-watt dual electric scooter motor is cherry on the top of the cake. Surprisingly the Swagtron hoverboard can take you up to 10 miles per hour. Whoa, that sounds superb!

8. Jetson Electric Gyro Hoverboard

The mind-blowing speed record of 15 km/hr lists Jetson Electric Gyro into the top-rated fastest-moving hoverboards in the world. It works smooth as fresh cream and fast as fast the wind blows. You will feel everything slide past you at great speed, on riding this hoverboard. One good point about it is its capability to withstand the adverse weather conditions and climatic change. So the remote’s in your hand. What have you been waiting for?It’s time to make it all yours.

9. Powerboard Hoverboard

Ever heard of the long-lived hoverboard featuring awesome speed limits? That’s Powerboard and its unbeatable speed which has won hearts of multiple riders. The maximum speed of 8 mph is fair enough to give you an adventurous experience down the alley. The wide panel, the improved safety, the battery power, all these characteristics make it stand out from the rest.

10. Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard

This ranks the least of all the above mentioned in terms of speed. However, like every other hoverboard, its quality is unbeatable and battery life is a plus point. The average speed it covers is around 6 mph. Taking a ride on a nice sunny winter afternoon on your Razor Hovertrax will definitely make you feel worthwhile.

After coming across some of the world’s fastest hoverboards, let’s take you on a tour to a slightly different land, a land of hoverboards which distinct from the traditional 6.5-inch wheel hoverboards. We are going to talk about the Lamborghini Hoverboard and how fast they can go. Before dwelling deep into it, let’s first clear out if the Lamborghini Hoverboards are actually manufactured by Lamborghini? Well, absolutely not! It is just named after it because of the similar antique structure it possesses. Its major advantages include the 8 inch wide wheels which make it easier to travel the terrains and the higher weight capacity. The Lamborghini has a style that can doubtlessly attract everyone and its features add up to the charm. It can race up to great speeds with an average of about 15 kph. Most of them come with an exclusive warranty and exciting offers.

Now that we have talked about the fastest among the top-speed hoverboards, it’s time to realize that there is a wide range of speed variation in every board that is available in the market. The same hoverboard can go at the speed of 6 mph and can even ride at 15 mph. Apart from the previously mentioned hoverboards, there is yet another set of fast-moving electric scooters you should know about. For example, the Segway Ninebot, Skagway X1 ls, the Hovertech, Leray Hoverboard, Kongo X1 hoverboard, and Jits mini hoverboard also lie in the league and are continuously struggling hard to compete with the fastest of all hoverboards.

The craze for the fastest hoverboard in the market has quadrupled in the past few years. With the advent of the latest technology, the new models and advanced features more and more people across the globe are intending to buy these trendy hoverboards. With the advancement in features come advanced speed ranges. So it is likely that the newer versions of the hoverboard are of improved quality and with a more complex design.

This was all about the fastest hoverboards in the world. Newer brands and products of higher quality, if manufactured in the near future will be updated to the list. Hope you enjoyed reading!

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  1. However, the average speed is assumed to be 6 miles per second.

    Are you sure this is correct? I was going to buy a hover board for my son for his birthday but with an average speed of 21600MPH I think it would be safer to buy some Lego or something.

    1. If that’s the average…..then i assume the top speed of a hover board would roughly be 57.6k miles per hour. Who makes that one……Tesla, Bugatti? New land speed record.

      1. I’m not sure what you mean? When thinking about how fast a hoverboard can go, these are the typical speeds. Are you thinking maybe how fast a real hoverboard like the one from Back to the Future could go? I would imagine that anything that is not touching the ground could go quite fast!

  2. I thought Futuresaw pro was the fastest one. But after reading your post I think I was wrong.
    Thanks for the information.

    1. Thank you! The FutureSaw Pro is one of our favorite hoverboards of all time. It’s unfortunate that the company StreetSaw has stopped producing them. I’d still like to get me one!

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