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Skateboard Trucks: Brand Knowledge and Technologies

All that You Need to Know About the Top Brands in the World of Trucks!

At first look, skateboard trucks may look very comparable, however,  there can be inconspicuous yet basic contrasts. In the course of the recent few years, distinctive brands have enhanced the responsiveness of their trucks while exploring different avenues regarding new materials. Furthermore, to enhance the trucks’ pounding capacities, the primary objective has regularly been to decrease the heaviness of the trucks.

All things considered, weighing around 300-400 g each, the trucks are the skateboards heaviest parts.
A typical method to make a skateboard truck less substantial is to utilize empty bosses and axles. Those trucks are frequently called “Empty” or “Lights”.

We should come to the heart of the matter: The accompanying outline has all the data about the skateboard truck advancements in the market.

Venture Trucks

Venture Trucks Venture Trucks are the most darling skateboard trucks on the planet and overwhelm a vast part of the European skateboard-truck market. The most striking thing about Venture Trucks is the abnormal state of workmanship that goes into creating trucks that are, to a great degree, powerful with a relatively low weight. Other than that, Venture emerges with its wide range of hues. To diminish weight, Venture keeps it genuine with empty bosses and axles.

  • Venture V-Lights: Hollow Kingpin
Venture All Polished V-Light...
  • Set of 2
  • Smoother Grinds
  • Venture V-Hollow Lights: Hollow Kingpin and Axle
Venture V-Hollow Hi 5.0 Polished...
  • This is for a set of two Venture skateboard trucks.

Independent Trucks

Independent TrucksThese Trucks (usually alluded to as Indys) from Santa Cruz, California are the exemplification of skateboard trucks. Since the arrival of the Stage 1 show in 1978 when they knock Bennett Trucks and Tracker Trucks from their positions, the folks at Independent have been at the highest point of their amusement, and won’t effortlessly surrender that spot. Their trucks are largely evident works of art and are described by their extraordinary turning reaction and long timeframe of realistic usability. Decimating a truck from Independent is no simple accomplishment, yet if you some way or another figure out how to do as such, they offer a lifetime guarantee against imperfections in materials and the assembling procedure. Since the standard Indys are very substantial, Independent uses manufactured baseplates and titanium axles and also empty parts.

  • Independent Forged Hollow: Hollow Kingpin and Axle produced Baseplate
Independent Forged Hollow Ano Red...
1 Reviews
Independent Forged Hollow Ano Red...
  • Set of 2 trucks
  • Unmatched grindabillity and kingpin clearance
  • Less wheel bite
  • Independent Forged Titanium: Hollow Kingpin, Titanium Axle, produced Baseplate

Thunder Trucks

Thunder TrucksFor a long, while now, Thunder Trucks have worked out of the “underdog” move they had, thinking back to the ’80s, and are currently viewed as one of the enormous puppies in the skateboard truck business. Notwithstanding their eye-getting structures, Thunder Trucks sparkle with an extensive variety of items and lightweight trucks that the amazing Jamie Thomas swears by. Like Independent, Thunder offers trucks with produced and empty parts and also titanium axles.

  • Thunder Lights: Hollow Kingpin, manufactured Aluminum Baseplate
  • Thunder Team Hollows: Hollow Kingpin and Axle, marginally higher Baseplate (Team Edition)
Thunder Team Hollows Skateboard...
  • Aircraft grade hollow kingpin Super light and strong hollow axles Forged baseplates
  • Thunder Hollow Lights: Hollow Kingpin and Axle, manufactured Baseplate
Thunder Hollow-Lights Night 149mm...
1 Reviews
Thunder Hollow-Lights Night 149mm...
  • THUNDER HI 149 LIGHTS NIGHT light Skateboard Trucks Set of 2 Trucks
  • Thunder Titanium Lights: Hollow Kingpin, Titanium Axle, manufactured Baseplate
Thunder Hi 147 Titanium Lights III...
  • For Decks 7.9" - 8.2".
  • Side print Titanium Lights on flat black hanger with ultra-light Titanium axles, black bushings hollow kingpins and black Thunder Lights forged baseplates.
  • Thunder's exclusive quick response now lighter and stronger.

Royal Trucks

Royal TrucksRoyal Trucks is a rising skateboard truck organization from California. Even though a moderately young brand (first entering the world in 1997), you can depend on the huge experience of Guy Mariano, Rudy Johnson, Eric Koston and some more. The trucks are equipped with incredible turning execution, high calibre and a lot of styles.

Royal Std 5.0 Mini Crown Raw/Black

Tensor Trucks

Tensor TrucksTensor Trucks is undeniably the most inventive organization in the realm of skateboard trucks, considering that the organization was established in 2000 by Rodney Mullen. Tensor trucks are produced using magnesium, which makes them 25% lighter contrasted with different trucks. Empty bosses and axles are additionally part of the arrangement. The terms Flick and Mini Flick just alludes to the logos on the truck’s holder.

  • Tensor Aluminum: mostly produced using Aluminum
  • Tensor Magnesium Light: fundamentally produced using Magnesium, Hollow Kingpin and Axle
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  • MORE CHOICE: Every package contains cables in different lengths (3ft, 2* 6ft and 10ft), they can be used for various distances charging, like in the car, office, couch or bed, makes your life more convenient.
  • EXTRE DURABLE: Made of high quality nylon braided jacket and core material, reinforced stress points with a 5000+ bend lifespan makes the cable more durable, whicn largely improves the durability and ensure safety.

Destructo Trucks

Destructo TrucksDestructo Trucks is currently one of the best truck marks on the planet. For the creation of their trucks, this organization from Costa Mesa, California, utilizes an extraordinary kind of aluminium in the arms business. This makes the trucks lighter, steadier and more sturdy in contrast with different brands. All Destructo trucks have a downwardly counterbalanced boss, which keeps the holder from wearing endlessly when pounding. More current Destructo models are likewise furnished with an empty boss, additionally decreasing the heaviness of the trucks.

  • Destructo D.2 Lite: Aluminum Baseplate and Hanger

Silver Trucks

Built-up in 2003 and roused by then-colleague Rob Dyrdek, it has been the objective of Silver Trucks, to fill a void in the realm of skating: inventive skateboard trucks, uncommonly intended for current, specialized skating – developed to withstand even the hardest conditions! With the end goal to accomplish these objectives, Silver built up the M-Class Hollow models and additionally the L-Class trucks. The Silver L-Class models are low profile trucks that have been intended for better turns and extreme control. Interestingly, the Silver M-Class Hollow trucks are assembled higher and give streamlined directing and an unmistakable shape, making the trucks one of a kind.

  • Silver Hollow: Hollow Kingpin
  • Silver Truck Company L-Class Pro 

Suggestion: Lightweight trucks completely satisfy their potential on smooth controls i.e. marble controls or those you’d find in a skate shop. If you need to shred unpleasant road checks, we’d recommend conventional trucks, possibly some with empty parts.

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