Best Skateboard Bearings & Buying Guide

Best Brands for Skateboard Bearings

While hunting down the best skateboard bearings, you will without a doubt go over a lot of brands that case to be the best. Presently the inquiry is which one among them is extremely the best. This audit article and purchasing guide, for example, suggests a lot of brands, including Yellow Jacket, Spitfire, Heady Shake, Zealous, RollerBones, Amphetamine, Dark Wolf, NEAL Bearings, and Fireball Skate.

Every one of them is legitimate brands that get bunches of positive audits from their purchasers. Nonetheless, a standout amongst the most noticeable brands from them all is the Bones Bearings. This brand is prominent for its different models of orientation, including the Bones Reds, Super Reds, and Bones Reds Ceramics.

Hunting down the most dependable bearing for your skateboard will likewise make you be acquainted with the Bronson Speed Co. mark. Two of the most mainstream items from this brand are the Bronson G3 and the Bronson Speed Co. G2.

Bones Bearings Red Bearings

In your look for the most dependable skateboard bearings today, you will without a doubt go over Bones Bearings Reds Bearings. Offered by the trustworthy brand, Bones Bearings, you will never turn out badly picking this item. It really accompanies a set made out of 8 bearings.

It is furnished with a logo sticker and guidelines on the best way to set it up and utilize it. A standout amongst the most ideal advantages of this item is that it accounts for less erosion and the simplicity of cleaning. It is a result of the single and non-contact elastic shield, or, in other words, incorporated to it.

Moreover, it advances an abnormal state of speed and quality – on account of the fast-ball retainer made of nylon. Note that this item additionally comes pre-greased up utilizing a speed cream dashing oil. One drawback, however, is that it doesn’t include a notch at the internal race, or, in other words, encourage the seal or shield build up a maze.


  • Made out of 8 solid and tough course
  • Advances less contact and simplicity of cleaning – because of its elastic shield
  • Highlights a nylon ball retainer, which ensures an abnormal state of speed and quality
  • Advances an extremely smooth ride
  • Comes pre-greased up as of now


  • Does not have a furrow at the internal race

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings (8...
146 Reviews
Bones Bearings Reds Bearings (8...
  • Skateboard t-tool comes from one of the most trusted names in skateboarding, CCS.
  • Includes: 8 pack of Reds Bearings, instructions, Reds logo sticker and a CCS Skateboard Tool (Black)
  • Bestselling skate bearing brand in the USA

Bones Super Red Bearings

Another profoundly suggested skateboard bearing available today is the Bones Super Reds Bearings. It is likewise an 8-pc. bearing set. It is an incredible decision on the off chance that you are looking for premium direction considering the way that they are furnished with brilliant steel races and balls.

The direction likewise brags of their prevalent surface wrap up. It ensures a quick yet peaceful and smooth ride. The way that it has its very own spacers and washers is additionally a major favorable position all things considered highlights help in enhancing its capacity to keep going for quite a while. It is on account of the spacers and washers can enable the bearing to withstand intense maltreatment.

It makes utilization of a speed cream oil which is a major help in advancing a managed ride. It highlights removable elastic shields that make it simpler for you to make the heading clean. Be that as it may, you should break it in by riding it for a couple of hours before you can at long last make the most of its amazing execution.


  • Outfitted with astounding steel races and balls
  • Advances a quick, calm, and smooth ride
  • Highlights a pleasant and predominant surface wrap up
  • Accompanies spacers and washers
  • Simple to clean – on account of its removable elastic shields


  • Requires a break-in time of a couple of hours
Bones Super Reds Skateboard...
343 Reviews
Bones Super Reds Skateboard...
  • Features Higher quality steel races, better quality and grade balls, and a superior surface finish
  • Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction.
  • High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed.

Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings

In the event that you are searching for ace skateboard course, at that point you will never turn out badly with the Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings. It is a decent decision as it is known for its fast and accurate rides. It is additionally adaptable that you can utilize it for skateboards and longboards, and additionally roller sharp edge, inline skate, and electric skateboards.

Another decent advantage of this bearing from Yellow Jacket is that it is completely ensured – on account of the nearness of engraved shading seals. The seals are sufficiently splendid, making the bearings more appealing. Likewise, they function admirably in shielding them from residue, rocks, and soil, advancing a more extended life and better exactness.

Something else that you will doubtlessly like about Yellow Jacket Premium bearing is its insignificant erosion and rapid – that is made conceivable with the fast dashing lube used to grease up it. One downside is its propensity to create commotion when it’s working.


  • Assurances to convey rapid and accuracy
  • Adaptable as you can utilize it for various sorts of longboard and skateboard
  • Completely shielded from the residue, rocks, earth, and others – because of the brilliant and alluring engraved shading seals
  • Negligible erosion
  • Dependable


  • Marginally loud

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Bones Ceramic Red Bearings

On the off chance that what you are searching for is a fired bearing, at that point, it is additionally prudent for you to look at the Bones Ceramic Reds Bearings. What's so decent about this item is that it is made of clay balls that are known to be harder and more grounded as well as are lighter. Likewise, clay is additionally durable and waterproof.

Tidying it up is additionally simple. You will likewise like its insignificant grating – that is all because of the inherent non-contact and removable elastic shield. It is additionally a skate-appraised bearing, or, in other words as it demonstrates that it is equipped for withstanding the unforgiving effect connected to hard arrivals and turns.

It is an 8-pc. set, which gives you all that could possibly be needed to deal with your skateboard. The way that it additionally comes pre-greased up utilizing a solid speed cream dashing oil likewise advances a smooth and quick ride. It is somewhat expensive, however.


  • Made of earthenware balls
  • Harder, more grounded and lighter while additionally being waterproof
  • Ensures insignificant contact and is anything but difficult to clean
  • Skate-appraised, demonstrating its capacity to withstand brutal conditions
  • Smooth and quick ride ensured


  • Pricier when contrasted with the others

Bones Ceramic Super Reds Bearings...
8 Reviews
Bones Ceramic Super Reds Bearings...
  • Features grade 5, silicone nitride, hot isostatically pressed ceramic balls.
  • Higher quality steel races and a superior surface finish.
  • Single non-contact removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction

Spitfire Burner Skateboard Bearings One Size Red

You won't likewise lament looking at the Spitfire Burner Bearings. What is so great about these bearing is that they are spending plan's agreeable. Being offered at an extremely reasonable cost, you will acknowledge that it is so decent to put resources into a bearing.

Additionally, this bearing from Spitfire is known for being an extraordinary entertainer in the business to the extent speed and exactness are concerned. It is basically intended for skateboarding so you can anticipate that it will enable you to enhance your ride. What's more, it affects safe – on account of the incorporated removable nylon confines.

Another pleasant nature of Spitfire Burner is that it is warm safe – that is made conceivable with the high-carbon chromium steel rings that it has. It is likewise all around cleaned and is known for having the capacity to keep going for quite a while.

One conceivable issue that you may experience with this bearing, however, is that you may discover it excessively essential, particularly on the off chance that you are as of now an accomplished skater.


  • Financial plan amicable thinking about its moderate cost
  • Conveys a fantastic execution as far as speed and exactness
  • Can oppose effect – on account of its removable nylon confines
  • Warmth safe since it accompanies steel rings
  • Strong and enduring
  • Excessively fundamental for a few riders

Heady Shake Pro Skate Bearings

Potent Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings is additionally another prescribed item for the individuals who are searching for a quick and smooth ride. This model is known for its abnormal state of exactness – because of the well-thoroughly considered accuracy structure. It can give a tranquil turn and in addition a high-turning speed.

You will likewise like the way that it as of now comes pre-greased up utilizing an extraordinary oil as it additionally implies that the heading will work rapidly and easily. It likewise functions as outstanding amongst other longboard direction. Moreover, it is adaptable that it likewise works for a roller skate, inline skates, kick bikes, and skateboards.

Beside gloating of its skate-accommodating structure, you will likewise cherish the way that this set accompanies eight fantastic courses, a waterproof sticker, and additionally four skateboard spacers.

Besides, it gives a smooth moving plan while additionally in a flash giving you more control and steadiness than what a standard bearing can give. It is marginally boisterous, however, or, in other words, drawback.


  • Offers an abnormal state of exactness
  • Pre-greased up, which decreases rubbing and ensures a smooth and speedy ride
  • Adaptable that it works for different kinds of skates
  • Accompanies a skate-accommodating structure
  • Offers more control and strength


  • Somewhat uproarious

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Bronson G3 Bearings Single Set

Another item that this purchasing aide will prescribe is the Bronson G3 Bearings. Bronson G3 is really accessible in a solitary set made out of eight bearings. It is extremely quick and smooth, so anticipate that this model will be fit for giving your skateboard more edge when you're riding it over the recreation centre or around the boulevards.

A non-contact elastic seal is utilized to cover the heading's internal workings, along these lines keeping soil and residue from infiltrating inside. A pen likewise holds the balls, which guarantees that they remain set up when the course turn. It is a nylon-accuracy confine, which keeps the balls from turning while at the same time giving them the right dividing.

It has an ABEC rating of 7 and comes at the business standard 608 sizes. There are likewise 8 washers coordinated into the set. What's more, the four spacers included are shrivel wrapped, accordingly giving them assurance. You need to invest energy breaking it in, however, before you can completely make the most of its great execution.


  • Works quick and smooth
  • Keeps earth and residue from entering the insides – on account of the non-contact elastic seal
  • Highlights a nylon-exactness confine, which guarantees that the balls remain set up
  • Has an incredible ABEC rating of 7
  • Comes at a standard size


  • Requires a break-in period

Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings (Set...
88 Reviews
Bronson Speed Co. G3 Bearings (Set...
  • Deep Groove raceways balls roll deep in raceway channels reduces side impact damage & breakage
  • Straight edge frictionless shields pop off resistant holds oil in, dirt and moisture out easy to clean
  • Micro Groove raceway surfaces linear microgroove surfaces improve bearing lubrication, speed and spin

Mini Logo Skateboards Bearings

Finding the most reasonable skateboard bearings for you will likewise undoubtedly cause you to run over Mini-logo Skateboards Bearings. It is an exactness 608 bearing, or, in other words, its steady and superb execution. It highlights removable shields for opposite sides – one of which is made of metal while the other is made of elastic.

It additionally includes a formed ball retainer, or, in other words, its speed. This skateboard bearing is additionally pre-greased up utilizing a speed cream, or, in other words, advantage as it implies that it can decrease erosion. Besides, it brags of its solidified chromium steel balls and races with the pleasant wrap-up.

The way that it accompanies shields on the two sides is likewise gainful as these shields the bearing from dampness, wetness, and earth. You will likewise think that its simple to clean and re-grease up. It may not be reasonable for cutting edge skaters who are wanting to appreciate an amazingly quick ride, however.


  • Accompanies worked in removable shields on the two sides
  • Furnished with a formed ball retainer
  • Diminished erosion can be normal since it is as of now pre-greased up
  • Highlights a pleasant and appealing completion
  • Simple to re-grease up and clean


  • Not unreasonably appropriate for cutting edge skaters

Mini-Logo Skateboards Bearings...
63 Reviews

Zealous Bearings for Skateboards

Picking longboard and skateboard direction are additionally presently made less demanding with the accessibility of Zealous Bearings. One great reality about this bearing is that it is outfitted with speed rings and spacers. With these around, there is a lower hazard for losing little parts on the off chance that you change wheels or bearings.

It is likewise known for working with minimal measure of the grating. Likewise, it gloats of its shading composed elastic seals that function admirably in keeping flotsam and jetsam and soil outside. Such works in making the bearing more solid. It likewise includes 8-mm axles with openings that superbly fit a wide range of skateboard trucks.

It additionally results in a smooth and quick ride for all clients. It makes utilization of an exceptional oil which enters any blemishes in the metal and smoothens them out, in this manner accelerating the bearing. In contrast with Bones Reds Bearings, however, this item from Zealous is slower.


  • Furnished with speed rings and spacers
  • Works with insignificant grating
  • Highlights shading composed elastic seals that keep earth and flotsam and jetsam from entering in the insides
  • Makes utilization of a top-notch grease
  • Fits different skateboard and longboard trucks well – on account of its 8-mm pivot openings


  • A bit slower when contrasted with reds bearing

Zealous Bearings for Skateboards...
165 Reviews
Zealous Bearings for Skateboards...
  • Precision 8mm axle holes
  • 0.5mm built in speedrings
  • Green rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing

Bones RollerBones Bearings

You won't likewise lament looking at the Bones RollerBones Bearings. They are known for being among the most exact skate direction accessible in the market. What's so great about this direction from RollerBones is that they highlight fast nylon ball confines that you can without much of a stretch evacuate.

It additionally includes non-contact and removable elastic shield known for having less to zero rubbings. In view of that, it can truly give you the most ideal ride. It additionally makes utilization of a low-thickness speed cream for its grease. Since it is greased up utilizing an excellent ointment, you realize that it advances a smoother ride.

It is likewise known for being enduring. Moreover, you will love its speed and also the way that tidying it up is a breeze. It doesn't have any moving opposition, as well. One issue, however, is that it doesn't work that discreetly. It appears to deliver a touch of commotion.


  • Known for its accuracy and speed
  • Outfitted with rapid nylon ball confines
  • Less to zero gratings given by its non-contact elastic shield
  • Low-consistency and premium speed cream utilized for its grease
  • Enduring and simple to clean and keep up
  • Does not work that discreetly

Bronson Speed Co G2 Skateboard Bearings

The Bronson Speed G2 is additionally one more of the skateboard bearing from the brand that picked up a great deal of positive consideration. It is famous for its best execution while likewise being offered at a modest cost. It has straight edge shields known for having no rubbing. The shields are additionally fly off safe, enabling it to hold oil in while keeping dampness out.

It additionally gloats of its nano-clay mixes known for opposing erosion. You can likewise anticipate that it will counteract intemperate wear. With every one of the highlights incorporated into this item, it is feasible for it to give you a chance to appreciate a smooth and enduring move without spending excessively.

The balls can likewise be relied upon to roll further and sit in the raceway channels. It additionally works while lessening the likelihood of harm and breakage because of rakish or hub side effect. It requires a long time to break it in, however.


  • First-class execution offered by the heading at a cheap cost
  • No grating can be normal from its straight edge shields
  • Fly off and consumption safe
  • Offers a smooth and dependable roll
  • Can forestall harm and breakage for the most part caused by rakish or hub side effect


  • Enjoys some an opportunity to reprieve in

Bronson Speed Co, G2 Skateboard...
44 Reviews
Bronson Speed Co, G2 Skateboard...
  • Deep Groove Raceways-Straight Edge Frictionless Shields
  • High Speed Ceramic Oil-Factory Fresh Quality
  • Diameter: 8mm

Amphetamine ABEC 7 Inline Skate Bearings

What is so noteworthy about the Amphetamine ABEC 7 Inline Skate Bearings is that they are structured so that they can deal with the requests frequently related to skateboarding. It has a high ABEC rating, or, in other words, that it is to be sure one of the quickest course you can discover today.

It has eight balls, making the heading quicker and more grounded since the effect may be on a few of the balls. Furthermore, it is pre-lubed utilizing an additional execution speed oil. You will likewise no doubt love the gas-washed surfaces of this item since such help diminishes grinding.

You will likewise appreciate the contact-free shields made of elastic coordinated into the item. The shields work rapidly while likewise being anything but difficult to clean and keep up. Also, the balls incorporated into the item are made of steel. The spacers that come in the bundle are very testing to arrange, however.


  • Intended to withstand every one of the requests connected to skateboarding
  • Gloats of a high ABEC rating of 7
  • Accompanies eight steel balls ensured to make the heading work quicker and more grounded
  • Pre-lubed utilizing a premium and additional execution speed oil
  • Furnished with elastic shields known for having no contact


  • Arranging the spacers is somewhat testing

Amphetamine ABEC 7 Inline Skate...
27 Reviews
Amphetamine ABEC 7 Inline Skate...
  • 8 inner balls
  • Gas-washed surfaces
  • Friction-free rubber shields

Shakejunt Triple OG’S A-7 Skate Bearings

One thing that is so positive about the Shake Junt Triple OG's A-7 Skate Bearings is that they are ensured to give clients a reliably smooth ride paying little respect to where they choose to go. It is a solitary set made out of eight directions, along these lines, you'll likewise have four wheels to associate with the ride.

It has an abnormal state of accuracy and resistance considering the way that it bears an ABEC 7 rating. The eight courses that you can get from the set is likewise completely greased up, which implies that you don't need to do it without anyone's help. It highlights four spacers and also a sticker.

Likewise, it is outfitted with twofold sided bearing ball shields that are valuable in keeping soil from entering inside the bearing. One issue, however, is the underlying bother that accompanies it being pre-oiled. Since it is pre-oiled, earth tends to stick to it at first yet you can understand that by utilizing the material to wipe off any abundance of oil.


  • Offers a reliably smooth ride to clients paying little heed to the area
  • Abnormal state of exactness and resilience – on account of its ABEC 7 rating
  • Completely greased up bearings
  • Outfitted with ball shields that can keep soil from getting inside
  • Highlights a pleasant sticker and in addition four spacers


  • Earth may stick to it at first if overabundance oil isn’t wiped off

35 Reviews

Bones Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings

Another great item that is advantageous to look at is the Super Swiss 6 Competition Skate Bearings from Bones Bearings. One noteworthy advantage of this item is it is equipped for advancing a smooth, economical, and fast ride. These Bones Super Swiss course additionally brag of their remarkable plan.

Such interesting and imaginative structure highlights 6 extensive distance across balls, accordingly bringing about a speedier increasing speed, more elevated amount of speed, and enhanced quality and sturdiness. It additionally comes outfitted with elastic shields that make it simpler for you to tidy it up. The nylon ball retainers incorporated into the item likewise make the orientation speedier and sturdier.

Besides that, the brand makes utilization of a speed cream dashing ointment to pre-grease up the direction. It is additionally versatile with regards to managing rust, warmth, soil, and residue. It likewise functions admirably for inline speed skating. Note, be that as it may, that you may need to spend two or three days to at last break it in totally.


  • Advances a smooth, practical, and rapid ride
  • Novel and imaginative plan including 6 substantial distance across balls
  • Assurances to convey a quick increasing speed, abnormal state of speed, and better quality and solidness
  • Furnished with enduring and durable nylon ball retainers
  • Flexible when taking care of rust, warmth, soil, and residue


  • Two or three days regularly required to break it in 

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard...
264 Reviews
Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard...
  • Unique bearing design with six larger balls of for increased speed, faster acceleration, and greater strength
  • Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction; pre-lubricated with Speed Cream
  • High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed

Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings

One of the significant focal points of Fireball Dragon Precision Bearings is that they are particularly made and structured with the guide of expert and master bearing originators. With that, anticipate that these heading will be wildly exact while additionally conveying a high-bore execution.

A portion of the highlights that make this direction extremely intense, durable, and exact are the very exact steel machining, removable pens and shields, and double maze bearing shields. The direction additionally increased incredible surveys for being enduring while likewise utilizing premium ointments.

The double maze shields coordinated into the bearing are additionally useful as they offer an abnormal state of insurance against the components. All things considered, there is no requirement for you to consider the heading getting messy. It comes at a standard size of 608, making it appropriate for use on skateboards, longboards, spinners, roller sharp edges, roller skates, bikes, penny sheets, and additionally bags.

The issue is that it is at first moderate yet you simply need to break it in to make it roll easily and easily.


  • Structured and made by the master and expert bearing architects
  • Durable
  • Known to be extremely intense, solid, and exact
  • Abnormal state of assurance from the components offered by its double maze shields
  • Comes at a standard size, making it appropriate for different applications
  • At first moderate
FIREBALL Dragon Precision...
  • 🔥 SAVE 30% on a Stoked T-Tool with this product (see special offers section for details)
  • 🔥 BEAST GUARANTEE - Dragons are fully backed by the Fireball Beast Guarantee which promises 100% satisfaction on all Fireball products.
  • 🔥 RACE and ENDURE LUBRICANTS - Light oil is applied in the RACE for high speed and slightly heavier grease is applied in the ENDURE for maximum longevity.

Bones Original Swiss Competition Skate Bearings

Purchasing the Bones Original Swiss Competition Skate Bearings will give you a chance to take a few to get back some composure of a solitary set made out of 8 chromium wheel course. The set likewise includes guidelines, a pleasant sticker, and 4 bearing spacers. You will love these Bones Swiss Bearings as they gloat of their exactness review and creative Swiss plan.

Something that makes the Swiss Competition unique in relation to alternate Swiss orientation from Bones is that its balls are cleaned utilizing chromium steel. It is likewise furnished with one removable and non-contact elastic shield, which gives you an assurance that the direction is low as far as erosion while additionally being anything but difficult to clean.

Furthermore, the direction includes a nylon ball retainer, or, in other words, enhance speed as well as increment the quality. The outcome is a smoother and more maintainable ride. It is likewise skate evaluated, which fills in as proof that it performs superior to the others. It tends to create a rattling solid, however, yet rest guaranteed that it is reasonable.


  • Gloats of an exactness review and inventive Swiss structure
  • Discernable as the chunks of this item are cleaned with chromium steel
  • Low grating – on account of the non-contact elastic shield
  • Higher speed and quality is given by the nylon ball retainer
  • Skate appraised


  • Produces a fairly rattling stable 
Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings 8...
115 Reviews
Bones Swiss Skateboard Bearings 8...
  • Eight-pack of chromium skateboard wheel bearings with four bearing spacers, instructions, and a sticker
  • Precision-grade Swiss design and manufacturing acclaimed for 25 years
  • Nylon ball retainers and Bones Speed Cream lubricant for a sustained ride

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings

Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings won't likewise baffle as far as speed, toughness, quality, and smoothness of the ride. It comes at a solitary pack of 8 Swiss fired bearings. The set is likewise made out of a decent and appealing sticker, an arrangement of directions, and also 4 bearing spacers.

It has Cerbec balls earthenware bearings that are known to be a solid and hard while as yet being light enough that you won't encounter any bother utilizing it. What is so great about these earthenware balls is that besides being non-destructive and lightweight, they are likewise dependable and have low moving grinding.

With that, anticipate that the direction will have a quicker speeding up. You can likewise anticipate that they will roll more distant. It has high protection from earth and dampness while additionally being anything but difficult to clean. Bones Ceramics Bearings are not perfect for tenderfoots, however. On the off chance that you are an amateur, at that point, you may discover the Bones Super Reds more valuable.


  • Noteworthy execution regarding speed, toughness, quality, and smoothness of the ride
  • Accompanies a pleasant and appealing sticker
  • Made of artistic balls that are non-destructive, lightweight, and solid
  • Advances a low moving grating
  • Exceedingly impervious to soil and dampness


  • Not unreasonably appropriate for amateurs

Bones Bearings Swiss Ceramics (7mm,...
15 Reviews
Bones Bearings Swiss Ceramics (7mm,...
  • We test all these bearings with custom equipment we have made to compare the important qualities of bearings like drag
  • Bones Swiss Ceramics are in a class by themselves. If you want the best there is, this is it
  • Accelerate faster, roll faster and farther, resist dirt and moisture better. High speed Nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed

Razr Precision Bearings ABEC 7 Pro Skateboard Bearings

It is additionally fitting to look at RaZr Precision Bearings ABEC 7 Pro Skateboard Bearings. It is appraised with ABEC 7, which features how tolerant and incredible performing it is. It is known for its high-exactness machining. It functions admirably for cutting edge skaters – because of its tried and true lighting pace turn.

Such can be normal in view of the non-contact profound section and the extraordinarily greased up direction. It makes utilization of the Spinx oil, or, in other words, a good thing as it equally disperses warm quickly. The very much adjusted structure of this bearing is likewise an extraordinary preferred standpoint as it advances a smooth and proficient turn.

The incredible execution of the direction is one reason why many consider it as a standout amongst other blessing thoughts for somebody who adores skateboarding. You will likewise in a flash notice its flexibility as you can utilize it in various applications, including longboard, inline, roller skates, kick bike, and skateboard.

Nonetheless, in light of its speed, it is more good for cutting edge clients than amateurs.


  • ABEC 7 rating, demonstrating its abnormal state of resistance, accuracy, and speed
  • Brags of its high-exactness machining
  • Ensures a lightning speed turn
  • Known for its very much adjusted plan
  • Advances even and quick conveyance of warmth


  • Not perfect for apprentices
Long Electric Inline Skateboard...
9 Reviews
Long Electric Inline Skateboard...
  • HIGH PRECISION MANUFACTURING: World class Long Electric Inline Skateboard Bearings machined for skateboards with ball-to-ball diameter statistical variation of 0.008mm. All bearings are set in a single file non-contact deep groove highest grade PTFE cage and specially lubricated with racing grade Spin X oil to produce reliable lightning speed spin for expert level skaters.
  • PERFECTLY BALANCED: Imagine skating with our Long Electric Inline Skateboard bearings that generate the smoothest, most efficient longest spin at 4 mins 20 secs in lab test performances that surpasses most conventional bearings available to-date by at least 28% longer spin time. Now spin smoothly with our Deck Trucks Wheel, Scooter, Penny, Blades, Roller Skate Wheel Bearing.
  • No More Vibration: with Our Long Electric Inline Skateboard Bearings are lubricated with Spin X lubrication oil through long period of uninterrupted use with our carefully compounded and formulated viscosity racing grade lubrication. Almost zero vibration velocity detectable across both horizontal and vertical axis in all lab tests conducted.

Voform Pro Skateboard Bearings

Another striking item that merits looking at on the off chance that you are searching for a reliable and top notch skateboard bearing is the Voform Pro Skateboard Bearings 608. One noteworthy feature of this bearing its fast and exactness. It is additionally uniquely intended for skateboards, electric skateboards, inline skates, and longboards.

Since it is particularly custom-made for the requirements of skateboarders, similar to you, anticipate that it will help give you a smooth and exceptional riding background. That is conceivable while guaranteeing that it plays out its capacity with low clamour. This set really comprises of 8 bearings, 8 washers, and 4 spacers.

It is of first-class quality considering the way that it experienced a hundred per cent dimensional testing. With its engraved shading seal, you additionally have a confirmation that the direction will be shielded from destructive components, similar to rocks, residue, and soil. The sturdiness of this item still must be tried, however, since it is still very new.


  • Abnormal state of speed and accuracy
  • Uniquely produced for skateboards, electric skateboards, and so on.
  • Gives a smooth and pleasant riding knowledge with minimal measure of clamour
  • Comes finish with 8 heading, 8 washers, and 4 spacers
  • Highlights an engraved shading seal, which offers insurance from unforgiving components


  • Sturdiness still should be tried

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Oust Bearings MOC 5 Tech

Something that you will see immediately about the Oust Bearings MOC 5 Tech is its exceedingly unmistakable bearing plan. Such a plan is unique to the point that it can deal with more tightly resistances well. Even more noteworthy about this bearing it is primarily intended to convey an abnormal state of continuance for use on specialized skateboarding.

It makes utilization of a carbon steel ball confine, or, in other words augmenting the quality of the bearings. This enclosure ensures that the balls will be put on their legitimate places notwithstanding when managing brutal natural conditions. It additionally advances an abnormal state of speed, toughness and execution and also low erosion – that is because of its high Rockwell material hardness.

It additionally includes two removable elastic seals intended to convey unrivalled assurance for the bearing. The heading is additionally pre-greased up with the guide of ME-TOL engineered speed oil. It is somewhat moderate at first however sitting tight for it to be completely broken in will enable you to see its speed inevitably.

  • Novel plan, which gives it a chance to deal with more tightly resiliences
  • Abnormal state of continuance, making it reasonable for specialized skateboarding
  • Furnished with carbon steel ball confine, expanding its quality
  • Known for its speed, toughness, execution, and low grating
  • The prevalent assurance given by its removable elastic seals
  • Somewhat moderate at first

Oust Bearings: MOC 5 Tech (set of...
80 Reviews
Oust Bearings: MOC 5 Tech (set of...
  • Oust Bearings are world renown as the best and fastest in the world. Developed by Oust in Torrance CA.

NEAL Precision Skate Bearings

With the NEAL Precision Skate Bearings, skateboarding will likewise turn into a more charming and energizing background for you. Putting resources into these accuracy skate bearings from NEAL will give you a chance to achieve your goal at the smoothest and quickest way conceivable.

It is known for working extremely brisk. Moreover, it makes utilization of earthenware, or, in other words, being around 40% more grounded and 50% lighter when contrasted with steel. Something else that is so noteworthy is that it is finely adjusted. Anticipate that it will give you a high turn rating, or, in other words, a hundred thousand rpm under each heap.

It is known for giving your skateboard, longboard, or some other board you are utilizing with a more extended and smoother rolling. You will likewise adore the considerations in the set, including its 8 exactness course, a waterproof sticker, 4 skateboard spacers, and an aluminium case. It tends to squeak inevitably of utilization, however, yet rest guaranteed that it's solitary a minor burden.


  • Gives you the chance of getting a charge out of a more exact, smoother, and quicker ride
  • Utilizations clay, or, in other words, lighter than steel
  • Finely adjusted
  • High turn rating
  • Accompanies numerous considerations, including the exactness heading, spacers, and sticker


  • Tends to squeak in the wake of utilizing it for a long time

Neal Precision Skate Bearings / 3...
82 Reviews
Neal Precision Skate Bearings / 3...
  • BE AMAZING: NEAL Precision Skate Bearings won't make you amazing, but we'll help you get there!
  • CRUSH THE COMPETITION: New Titanium Stingers and Pro Signature Vinnie Banh Ceramics. We love them and so will you.
  • BEST SELLING: Instantly feel the difference in our bearings, stop worrying about your skate bearings breaking, because our quality construction has you covered.

Mini Skater ABEC 9 Precision 6o8 ZZ Bearings

With its ABEC 9 rating, one can in a split second affirm that the Mini Skater Precision 608 ZZ Bearings are among the most exact skateboard orientation accessible in the market at present. It makes utilization of chrome steel material, or, in other words, advantage as it is known to be tough as well as impervious to conceivable deformations caused by overwhelming burdens.

It ensures a quick and smooth roll and rides at a sensible cost. This bearing really has an 8-mm inward measurement and a 22-mm external width, which makes it advantageous to utilize. Since it is as of now pre-greased up, you will have the capacity to utilize it immediately. The lube utilized is additionally known for enhancing the strength of the orientation while likewise influencing them to perform well.

One more noteworthy thing about these heading is that they are adaptable and high in quality as in you can anticipate that they will be good with a wide range of longboards and skateboards. In any case, it isn't as solid as other extravagant direction sold in the market.


  • Utilizations chrome steel, or, in other words, impervious to distortions
  • Offered at a sensible cost without relinquishing the speed and smoothness of the ride
  • Advantageous to utilize in view of its standard size
  • Comes pre-greased up as of now
  • Adaptable that it works with a wide range of longboards and skateboards


  • Not as sturdy as different direction with higher sticker prices

Mini Skater Skateboard Bearing...
47 Reviews
Mini Skater Skateboard Bearing...
  • 16 PCS bearings of Blank Skateboard and Longboard bearings
  • Inner Diameter : 8mm,outer Diameter : 22mm
  • Pre-Lubricated Speed Lubricant

Dark Wolf Titanium ABEC 11 Skateboard Bearings

With the ABEC 11 rating of Dark Wolf Skateboard Bearing, you realize that its level of accuracy is extremely high. This bearing is really built from titanium electroplating process. There is likewise a solid chrome steel material coordinated into it.

The fortunate thing about the materials utilized in this bearing is that they are known to be steady and tough as well as impervious to erosion and wear and tear. It is additionally dust-verification, so anticipate that it will pick up insurance from residue and earth. It flawlessly fits well for skateboarders, similar to you.

Another preferred standpoint of these skateboard orientation from Dark Wolf is that they are additionally outfitted with fantastic spacers and washers. There are really four spacers and 8 washers incorporated into the set. It additionally gloats of its great enemy of swelling property. It isn't absolutely peaceful, however, yet rest guaranteed that when you are riding it, its commotion is very unnoticeable.


  • High ABEC rating, giving its abnormal state of accuracy
  • Built from solid titanium and chrome steel
  • Can oppose wear and tear and erosion
  • Furnished with fantastic spacers and washers
  • Fits all skateboarders


  • Not thoroughly tranquil 

Set of Dark Wolf Skateboard...
33 Reviews
Set of Dark Wolf Skateboard...
  • Brand: Dark Wolf. Type: ABEC-11 titanium chrome steel bearing.
  • Material: titanium electroplating process/chrome steel. Stable, durable, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, dustproof and stainless.
  • No noise and good anti-swelling property. Dimension: Approx. 22 x 7mm/0.86 x 0.27

SCSK8 ABEC 9 Bearings

SCSK8 ABEC 9 Bearings is additionally a decent decision for any individual who is looking for a decent arrangement of bearing for their skateboard or longboard. This item is one set made out of eight courses. Made of pre-greased up steel, you realize that it can deal with the intricate details of skateboarding.

SCSK8 ABEC 9 Bearings additionally brags of its elastic seal known for its component insurance 608 RS highlight. Such offers it with an abnormal state of security against the components while likewise displaying a low level of confinement. Besides being utilized in skateboards and longboards, a few people additionally utilize it for star sheets and trucks, demonstrating its adaptability.

The lube utilized in greasing up the direction is additionally known to be a great entertainer in the business. It is sturdy while additionally helping the direction convey a smooth ride. The way that it is extremely moderate is additionally a reward. Be that as it may, take note of that it isn't as solid and as enduring as the direction that cost more.


  • Made of strong, pre-greased up steel
  • Highlights an elastic seal, which shields the direction from the components
  • Perfect for different applications, including longboards, skateboards, genius sheets and trucks
  • Reasonable
  • Lube utilized ensures a smooth ride


  • Not as durable as alternate heading with higher costs

SCSK8 ABEC 9 Bearings Skateboard...
82 Reviews
SCSK8 ABEC 9 Bearings Skateboard...
  • 1 Set (8 bearings) of SCSK8 Abec 9 Skateboard and Longboard bearings
  • Pre-Lubricated Speed Lubricant
  • ELEMENT PROTECTION 608 RS rubber seal, To provide protection form the element and still have low restrictions

Bronson Speed Co. RAW Skateboards Bearings

Bronson Speed Co. likewise keeps on awing skateboarding fans with its RAW Skateboard Bearings. Much the same as the vast majority of the course demonstrated in this article, it is a set made out of eight great directions. It additionally comes at the standard size of the business, or, in other words.

What's more, it gives you a chance to encounter a fast and smooth ride considering the way that it is pre-greased up. It likewise brags of its profound furrow raceways, enabling the balls to roll further and sit well on raceway channels. It is outfitted with miniaturized scale grooves, as well, intended to build turn through the end of the grease's standing wave.

Besides, it includes a ball confine attachment, or, in other words, holds oil set up. All things considered, anticipate that the ball will get ceaseless grease. It is smooth and light, while additionally containing added substances intended to oppose dampness, oxidation, consumption, and rust. It is evaluated higher than the other skateboard heading with a similar quality, however.

  • Arrives in an arrangement of eight high calibre and solid orientation
  • Enables you to appreciate a snappy and smooth ride since it is pre-greased up
  • Expands turn – because of its miniaturized scale grooves
  • Furnished with a ball confine attachment, holding oil set up
  • Fit for opposing dampness, oxidation, consumption, and rust
  • Costs somewhat higher than the others]

Bronson Speed Co. Raw Next...
29 Reviews
Bronson Speed Co. Raw Next...
  • Factory fresh quality 100% hand inspected twice and micro-polished & ultrasonic solvent washed 3x prior to final packaging
  • Packaged in nitrogen filled packaging - reduces metal and oil oxidation until ready to be ridden
  • Audible Speed Technology Fully open, high spin, and shield free RAW's are designed to enhance the sound of speed

Radeckal Blue ABEC7 Skateboard Bearings

On the off chance that you are an easygoing skateboarder, who needs to have a ton of fun, and appreciates a quick and smooth ride in the recreation centre or some other area, at that point the Radeckal Blue ABEC 7 Skateboard Bearings is certainly a pleasant choice for you. You will never be disillusioned with the quality and speed of these heading.

It has an ABEC 7 rating, exhibiting its high exactness review. It likewise advances a smoother coast and brags of the way that it is skater tried. Likewise, it is greased up with a high-review oil, making it truly work in the recreation centre and in some other place you choose to skateboard.

Generally speaking, its development is likewise sturdy and of high calibre. It is good with various applications, including longboards, skateboards, rollerblades, inline skates, cruisers, and roller skates. The way that it isn't as costly as the others is additionally a major preferred standpoint.

Nonetheless, a few clients say that the execution of the more costly Bones Reds Skateboard Bearings is vastly improved.

  • Perfect for easygoing skateboarders who need to have a great time
  • Quality and speed of the bearings are first class
  • Skater-tried
  • Known to advance an extremely smooth skim
  • High-review oil used to grease up it
  • Bones Reds are said to be better as far as execution

RADECKAL Blue ABEC 7 Skateboard...
21 Reviews
RADECKAL Blue ABEC 7 Skateboard...
  • 1 SET OF 8 HIGH SPEED AND HIGH PERFORMANCE ABEC 7 BEARINGS: These Abec 7 bearings can be used with Skateboards, Inline skates, Electric Skateboards, Scooters etc. They are high precision and high speed bearings so that you can reach top speeds whether you're bombing hills, skating around town, or racing your homies to the skate park.
  • SMOOTH AND FAST PRE LUBRICATED BEARINGS: Radeckal Abec 7 Bearings contain a super fast, high speed lube that reduces friction to give riders a super smooth and fast ride. If you're tired of bearings that aren't smooth and give you a rough ride, switch to these amazing bearings and you won't be disappointed!
  • SKATER TESTED: We always test our bearings and these bearings have been tested by our skate team to ensure that they are the best bearings on the market!

XiKe 16-pack 6o8-2RS Skateboard Bearings

Another top-rated skateboard bearing today is the 16-pack 608-2RS Skateboard Bearings from XiKe. It is professionally made and particularly intended to address the issues of the individuals who love skateboarding. It works easily while likewise known for its extremely long life.

You can likewise anticipate that the direction will work with minimal measure of commotion, making it extremely helpful to utilize. It experienced a hundred per cent dimensional testing, which demonstrates that its quality is obvious. The way that it includes a seal is likewise a major help in keeping polluting influences from entering inside.

With the seal, dismantling and tidying up the bearing is additionally considerably simpler. It is likewise outfitted with a nylon retainer, or, in other words, such a route, to the point that it isn't inclined to harm. It doesn't have oil, as well, on the grounds that just a modest measure of lube is connected. One issue, however, is that the direction doesn't turn similarly and also alternate models.

  • Particularly made for skateboarding
  • Known for its long life
  • Works with insignificant commotion, giving comfort to clients
  • Keeps pollutions and soil from achieving the insides – on account of its seal
  • Not oily
  • Does not turn as proficiently as the others

XiKe 16 Pack 608-2RS Skateboard...
17 Reviews

Mini Skater 16-pc Silver Generic 6o8 ABEC 9 Precision Skate Ball Bearing

On the off chance that magnificent accuracy is the thing that you are after, at that point you can never turn out badly with Mini Skater 16-pc. Silver Generic 608 ABEC 9 Precision Skate Ball Bearing. It is a set made out of 16 orientation, giving you a ton of additional items for your longboard and skateboard. It is accessible at the standard 608 sizes.

A speed ointment is additionally utilized in pre-greasing up it. Such lube is known for boosting the solidness of the course while likewise upgrading their execution. It functions admirably with a wide range of longboards and skateboards. You will likewise see how strong and durable the course are directly after you take a hold of them.

One all the more thing that you will most likely love about these heading is that they roll and turn easily while additionally bragging of their abnormal state of speed. Furthermore, you will discover the direction helpful for various applications. One issue is that the item appears to have a considerable measure of oil at first, however, you can simply wipe it off for your benefit.

  • Known for its astounding exactness
  • Valuable for various applications
  • Strong and durable
  • Rolls and twists easily and quickly
  • Enduring
  • Somewhat oily amid the initial couple of employments

Mini Skater 16 PCS Silver Generic...
83 Reviews
Mini Skater 16 PCS Silver Generic...
  • 16 PCS 608zz bearings of Blank Skateboard and Longboard bearings
  • Inner Diameter : 8mm,outer Diameter : 22mm
  • Pre-Lubricated Speed Lubricant

Best Skateboard Bearings Guide

The best skateboard bearing is among the most important parts of a skateboard. Your skateboard must have a sensible bearing as they can keep the skateboard wheel running easily, accordingly bringing about a smooth ride. It ought to be noticed that each wheel of your skateboard needs two bearings, that is the reason you must be cautious with your decision.

If picking skateboard direction is still, to some degree a mistaking process for you,  you can simply look for the guide of a purchaser's guide. This article will help you all through the choice procedure. With the guide of this article, the fairly confounded undertaking of picking skateboard bearing will be substantially more reasonable for you.

What are Skateboard Bearings?

Skateboard bearing allude to the round metal pieces that you can discover being fitted with the wheels of your skateboard. These are useful in mounting the skateboard or longboard wheels into the pivot. Notwithstanding the span of the wheel, every one of these courses come at a comparable size range. You can likewise anticipate that every one of them will fit all wheels for skateboarding. Concerning the skateboard direction estimate, take note that their all-inclusive estimations are generally 22 mm for the external measurement, 7 mm for the width, and 8mm for the centre.

Most providers offer an arrangement of direction. They regularly offer direction sets of 8, considering the way that each wheel needs two bearings. You can likewise discover them in different hues, giving you a chance to pick one that suits your style.

Materials Used in a Bearing

You can likewise locate a couple of skateboard bearing materials to browse. The most well-known ones are as follows:


Steel direction is among the most prominent ones you can discover in the market. Many consider this material as extraordinary compared to other skate headings as it is known for being the business standard in the field of skateboarding.

In case you pick this material, you will see that the bearing are generally roundabout fit as a fiddle. They likewise accompany level sides. Each bearing houses around 7-8 greased up balls intended to convey a heap's weight and simplicity strain in the middle of the skateboard's hub and wheels.

One noteworthy and favourable position of the steel is that it is both tough as well as prudent. Be that as it may, there are likewise cases when the vitality activated by substantial erosion in the middle of the haggles tends to warm up the metal. The outcome is growing or making the bearing less compelling. That is the motivation behind why you truly need to guarantee that the steel bearing remains dry, greased up, and clean, so they will work longer and all the more successfully.


You can likewise go for clay skateboard bearing. Clay bearing is regularly developed from a compound called silicon nitride. In contrast with steel, the material advances a smoother ride while, additionally, is harder. Along these lines, it is feasible for clay to have lessened erosion so that there is a lesser need to utilize an oil. It is less influenced by warmth vitality as well.  In the event of grinding, it has been realized that the artistic material does not extend.

All things considered, it won’t negatively affect the general execution of the skateboard. The issue with this is a direct result of its superior, it likewise comes at a higher sticker price. All things considered, it is a decent decision if you will spend more for a fantastic execution.


You can likewise pick titanium bearing. While titanium isn't as prevalent as the other two materials, you can still anticipate that it will function great. Truth be told, this material is known for being smooth and light without relinquishing toughness and speed. To the extent speed and execution are concerned, the best alternative is most likely the clay material.

As mentioned before, it is smoother and harder than steel yet advancing a quick ride. While it costs higher, the advantages of this artistic model are certainly justified, despite all the trouble.

What makes Bearing go so fast?

One thing that will enable you to decide on how quick a course will be, is the ABEC rating. You need to check this rating for a particular bearing if you need to ensure you are getting an extremely quick one. Distinctive skateboard bearing measurements and sizes are likewise intended for various purposes.

On the off chance that you go for a direction, which includes an ABEC rating of 3,  take note that it will somewhat be moderate. Run for one with a higher rating as it additionally helps in speeding it up. This implies the higher the bearing's appraising, the faster the speed. If you need your skateboard to truly move quick, run for an ABEC rating of around 7.

Besides that, you ought to likewise consider supplanting littler wheels with bigger ones as they can likewise enable your board to move quicker.

The ABEC Myth

The greater part of what the skateboarding openly thinks about the ABEC rating, of course, depends on a type of old stories.


Strangely, the essential offering point for course, besides cost and pretty bundling, is their ABEC rating.

The 608 exactness bearing has been an indispensable segment of skateboarding since 1974 when Road Rider wheels hit the lanes with the principal known accuracy bearing for skateboards. The direction utilized for those wheels were initially fabricated for use in vacuum cleaners and had an ABEC rating of 1.

Today, ABEC 7s normally offer for more than ABEC 3s or ABEC 5s, and they're in amazingly popularity. Be that as it may, ask the normal skateboarder what ABEC means, and chances are, you'll get unbalanced silence.

ABEC is an acronym for Annual Bearing Engineers Committee, set up right around 35 years back, or, in other words, the AFMBA the Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association, Inc. The ABEC board of trustees must set up resiliences and details for the size and geometric precision everything being equal. Bearing producers from everywhere throughout the world send their orientation to the U.S-based ABEC board of trustees to be evaluated. Once appraised, organizations carve the rating onto the bearing.

The ABEC rating framework utilizes odd numbers, running from 1 to 9. The higher the number, the more tightly the resilience of the bearing, and hence, the more prominent the level of accuracy. Resilience levels tried by the board of trustees incorporate the accompanying: bore distance across (the satisfactory variety of the extent of the inward bearing opening), parallelism (width variety), and the spiral raceway runout (varieties ready in which the balls sit).

Misinterpretations about the importance of ABEC appraisals to the execution of a bearing utilized for skateboarding run amiss. Steve HellerHeplar is the national deal's chief at Alliance Bearing Industries in Van Nuys, California, a noteworthy provider of course to the skateboard business. "It's senseless that ABEC appraisals are what skaters are taking a gander at," he says. "An ABEC 1 or 3 is all you truly require on a skateboard. In skateboarding, you're not utilizing the exactness of the bearing." Heplar thinks the execution of a heading is lessened by the imprecision of the bearing-hub interface a 5/16-inch hub in an eight-millimetre bearing: "On a skateboard, they're putting a smaller shaft into the drag of the bearing. It's curiously large, and the pole is undersized you're not by any means getting most extreme use by then.

"Today, skateboard organizations are offering bearings, for the most part with ABEC 1, ABEC 3, ABEC 5, and ABEC 7 appraisals. The regular misinterpretation is that the higher the ABEC rating, the better and quicker the bearing. This isn't really valid.

"There are ABEC 1s and ABEC 3s which are the lower end of exactness course, and ABEC 5s and ABEC 7s are at the higher end," Heplar clarifies. "At that point, there are the ABEC 9s those would be utilized in an extremely basic cutting edge application, such as sending a rocket ship to the moon."

Heplar depicts the contrast between an ABEC 3 and an ABEC 7 bearing as inconspicuous, and doesn’t trust the distinction will influence a skateboard bearing’s execution. “The exactness or the ABEC of the bearing doesn’t generally make a difference since skateboarding is a non-accuracy application,” he says. “Except if the skateboarder is going 70 miles 60 minutes, or, in other words.”

Scott Zahn is the President of Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Global Bearings and Terminator Bearings, another significant merchant of course to the skateboard business. "More imperative than ABEC appraisals, skateboarders should search for the kind of materials that the course is made of," he says. "It's presumably the most essential thing. There are extremely four distinct segments to bearings: the balls, the inward and external raceways, the retainer, and the seal or shield that goes on the bearing. For every one of those parts, there's an extensive variety of materials that can be utilized.

"The best segments for the balls and the raceways are 52¿100 chromium steel. There are many diverse alternatives in kinds of steel utilized, yet to skateboard, it's the most solid and the most elevated execution choice."

For most mechanical uses, the heap put on orientation is an outspread load for the forward and reverse turning movement. Outspread burdens are regular for bearings that turn one way, as in an electric engine or a mechanical instrument. For these capacities, an abnormal state of accuracy is required on the ground such that the bearings turn at mind-boggling speeds in a single course. Henceforth, ABEC estimations must be made to a great degree tight tolerance, a thousandth of an inch, or a hundredth of a millimetre. Notwithstanding, skateboarding's superheroes can't turn wheels quick enough for the ABEC rating to assume a huge job in improving their execution.

Altogether, the ABEC board of trustees doesn't test for axial¿or side burdens. Skateboarding applies huge pivotal loads on bearings when skaters slide sideways or sheets arrive on their rails, flexing the wheels over the direction. Bearing segments can mis-shape or be harmed by substantial or rehashed pivotal burdens, especially on the off chance that they are produced to high resilience.

In the mid-1980s, George Powell understood that skateboarding did customarily eccentric things to bearings. Powell, who has considerable experience with building, started to explore different avenues regarding different bearing structures for skateboarding. The Powell Swiss course was the principal bearing planned particularly for skateboards. Powell perceived that bearings utilized in skateboarding ought to be planned in view of pivotal burdens and that not at all like heading made for electric engines, skateboard direction doesn't need to turn that quick. Machine orientation is commonly stuffed with thick oil, which guarantees a long life, yet is drowsy at low temperatures. For his skateboard bearing, Powell started utilizing a lighter ointment that was less safe and held far less earth than heavier oils and manufactured ball retainers rather than metal retainers that are all the more effortlessly harmed from hub loads.

What's more, most skateboarders can verify the way that skating with the messy course can be somewhat dodgy.

Today, most direction showcased for skateboarding use light oil greases, and many components manufacture retainers. A few organizations have offered different options in contrast to the standard 608 bearings. Ninja is advancing its little 688 Mini-Miser, and Reflex as of late presented its extensive bore Anti-Lock Bearing System. In any case, the dependable 608 has substantiated itself through almost three many years of skateboarding's advancement. Notwithstanding some perplexity over ABEC appraisals, odds are we'll be moving on 608s for a considerable length of time to come.

ABEC and Other Ratings

ABEC, which remains for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee, gives a rating to the skateboard bearing, which shows the execution and speed of the item. It ought to be noticed that the ABEC rating fills in as the business' standard regarding the decision on the accuracy of metal balls.

Much of the time, the higher the rating, the more proficient and exact the balls inside the direction are. A high evaluating likewise shows low resistance for blunders. A portion of the ABEC evaluations to observe are:

ABEC 1 – Bearings with this rating are known for having the most minimal accuracy level, or, in other words behind their extremely low cost in the market. A few organizations abstain from offering those with this rating on the grounds that there are the individuals who see the things as having low quality. All things considered, it is a decent decision for skateboarding and is just a bit slower when contrasted with orientation with a substantially higher rating.

ABEC 3 – Generally, these bearing skateboards are offered at a moderate cost. The issue is that they don't move as easily and as rapidly as the higher-appraised ones.

ABEC 5 – This is considered as the standard rating for the dominant part of the direction utilized in skateboarding. It conveys a nice execution and speed at a sensible expense.

ABEC 7 – It is often sold at a considerably higher cost. It is fundamentally on the grounds that the high ABEC rating likewise shows a fast and smooth execution.

ABEC 9 – Those bearings with a rating of no less than 9 are viewed as to a great degree quick. All things considered, anticipate that they will be extremely perfect for downhill skating. It is a decent decision for you in the event that you are a propelled skater who truly needs to move greatly quick.

ABEC 11 and Up – There are organizations who publicize this rating, however. it is as yet fitting for you to be vigilant for this situation. It is on the grounds that the most astounding rating considered for skateboarding is typically 9.

You can likewise discover different orientation evaluated by different associations, similar to the ISO (International Standards Organization), GNSO (German National Standards Organization), and the RBEC (Anti-Fascist Bearing Manufacturers Association). Nevertheless, most mainstream evaluations are unquestionably those from ABEC.

Bearing Size

The standard size of skateboard bearing is really the size 608. It is viewed as the standard and unique metal ball. On the off chance that you get the 608 arrangement, you will see that the metal roller is ordinarily made out of discretionary terminations, external and inward race, ball retainer, and balls.

The size is likewise described by an inward measurement of 8mm, an external distance across of 22mm, and a 7-mm width. They likewise mirror their very own ABEC appraisals as a method for estimating their assembling and dimensional resiliences. Heading under the 608 arrangement can really be relied upon to fit all wheels intended for skateboards regardless of what their distances across are.

Besides the size 608, you can discover different composes and sizes of course, including the smaller than expected direction, roller bearing, and y-heading. In any case, these are not frequently utilized in skateboards as the standard one is extremely the 608. In the event that you pick the 608-bearing, at that point, you will see that the bearing balls have a tendency to pivot in the middle of two rings – the external and inward ring.

There is likewise a metal or elastic shield, which seals the entire unit. You can anticipate that such bearing shields will be a major help in limiting the passage of contaminants into the bearing, and additionally the level of ointment spillage.

Composition and Parts

The best skateboard bearing will dependably be made out of the entirety of its vital parts. You realize that your direction for skateboards are finished in the event that it has all the accompanying segments and parts:


The shield of the bearing really alludes to a medium-sized ring, which you can discover on its side. It is a crucial segment as it works in keeping the earth from infiltrating the balls. The best skate heading additionally frequently accompanies an elastic seal or shield.

It very well may be characterized as the delicate elastic ring, which you can discover at the external piece of the bearing. It is likewise critical as it offers a guide in protecting the inside from flotsam and jetsam and soil.

Ball Cage

The ball confine, or, in other words, alluded to as the ball retainer, refers to that imperative part in the skateboard bearing that is utilized in isolating the balls. It likewise keeps up the symmetrical spiral dividing of the balls. Another of its significant capacity is to hold together the orientation.

The ball confinement is likewise fundamental as you can utilize it to give grease. It is on the grounds that it fills in as a store for oils. With the capacity of the enclosure to hold the singular bearing in their correct spots while as yet guaranteeing that the packaging turns around them, it is, in fact, a particular part, which ought to dependably be available in your skateboard bearing.


A skateboard bearing won't be finished without an arrangement of balls. It could be a set made out of 6-7 clay or steel balls. These balls rest in the enclosure or retainer. The balls are likely the most fundamental parts of a course considering the way that they let the packaging turn easily around them.

External Ring

The external ring is additionally an indispensable part of the bearing. It alludes to the round metal outside, or, in other words fitting the various parts and segments.

Internal Ring

This alludes to the little metal ring, which you can discover being fitted inside the bearing's external ring. While sliding the wheel or bearing setup into the axles, you will require the internal ring as it is utilized in fitting the axles through.


This particular segment alludes to the thin ring, which fits into a section found on the external piece of the bearing. It is to a great degree helpful as it works in securing the shields their correct spots.

What are Spacers and Speed Rings?

Bearing spacers

Bearing spacers allude to the minor metal barrels that you can see being fitted into the wheel of the skateboard in the middle of the bearing. They are essential in enhancing the execution of the bearing as they work in limiting the weight that everyone disseminates. The outcomes, in this manner, incorporate more steady and smoother turns.

Bearing spacers are additionally fundamental as they work in expanding the life of your skateboard bearing. The fortunate thing about these spacers is that they are economical. You can likewise browse the distinctive materials utilized in making them, including aluminium and steel.

Why do Space Bearings Matter?

Bearing spacers sit inside the wheel on the hub between the two bearings.

This ensures the internal races of the bearing are appropriately arranged. At the point when these are adjusted accurately, the balls and external races additionally adjust.

With the wheel pivoting, this arrangement is basic to maintain a strategic distance from undesirable rubbing.

When you have the spacer and two courses adjusted on the hub, the fixing power from screwing on your pivot nuts is exchanged through the direction and spacer.

With legitimately measured spacers, this will adjust the course superbly on the hub, making the quickest turn with insignificant grinding.

Normal Problems Without Spacers

Riding a skateboard without spacers accompanies a cluster of issues. In the event that you encounter any of these while ridings, make sure to ensure spacers are introduced.

Chattery wheels: When your wheel has a side to side play from not being fixed down the distance when you're sliding your board, the wheels will hop around from side-to-side mid-slide, causing eccentrics, clamour, and additional vibration which can likewise shake the rider off - no good times

Noisy heading: With side-to-side play, the inward races of the skate orientation are exposed to the expanded weight which can cause more major issues, similar to direction detonating

Bearing blasts: This is the point at which your bearing fizzles and goes to pieces, by and large, because of abundance side burdens while sliding. This will for the most part result in your wheel taking off of your load up, and a terrible time. Spacers go far for assisting with this issue.

Not as much as ideal roll: The bearing spacers truly help to keep your heading turning parallel inside the wheel, without, your course may perhaps be rolling somewhat skewed and battling each other therefore no giving you the best move speed you could achieve something else.

Worked In Style Bearings

A few organizations make things simple and incorporate half-spacers incorporated with each bearing and also speed rings. This implies you don't need to manage any additional free parts.

In the event that you have an arrangement of implicit style orientation, you don't have to manage ordinary bearing spacers or speed rings as everything is incorporated as of now. A few precedents of inherent style bearing are Bones Race Reds and Zealous Bearings.

The inherent style of bearing not just enables your wheels to turn productively and genuinely but also makes changing wheels quicker and less demanding in contrast with the standard bearing/spacer setup. The main drawback to worked in style direction is that they will just work with wheels intended to oblige them. Right now this is solely skateboard wheels. Roller skaters, bike children, and rollerbladers should look somewhere else.

Speed washers

Speed washers, then again, alluding to the metal and thin washers slipped over the hub. You can discover them in the middle of the bearing and nut, and the bearing and holder. Additionally called speed rings and bearing washers, you can anticipate that these discretionary options will your bearing to be to a great degree helpful.

One of its real capacities is to limit grating, or, in other words, help for the quicker or speedier turning of the wheels. Note that low contact additionally means higher speed. Likewise, the speed ring or speed washer additionally fills in as a cushion in the middle of the bearing and nut. Such makes it feasible for the wheels to turn in a faster way while additionally guaranteeing that the substance of the bearing is completely shielded from harm.

It ought to be noticed that these speed rings are just discretionary increments to a skateboard bearing. In any case, numerous skateboarders and riders discover it extremely important, or, in other words why they choose to introduce these increments to their orientation. It is really a basic segment, particularly on the off chance that you intend to ride your skateboard at a fast.

You have the alternative of supplanting the speed rings as frequently as important. The recurrence of substitution is really subject to how hard and the amount you skate.


The bearings are for sure among the basic skate frill or parts for your board. That is the fundamental motivation behind why you truly need to pick them admirably. Note that the best skateboard orientations are those that work in the disposing of grating that may influence the spot in the middle of the metal, which you can discover inside each wheel, and also the metal pivot where you can anticipate that it will turn around. Considering the numerous alternatives accessible in this industry, you need to think about everything that you can about these items. That way, you will be a more educated and learned purchaser, enabling you to deal with all your choices and select the one, which truly suits your necessities the most.

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