Atom B36 LongBoard (Electric Skateboard) Review

Atom B36 LongBoard (Electric Skateboard) Review

The most amazing component in Atom B.36 is its 3600W great engine that gives you most extreme speed in a hurry. This engine is sponsored with lithium-particle batteries, which have been tried for their pinnacle charge and release rate before swapping them inside the board.

It double 1800W brushless engine that will continue for a considerable length of time on any landscape, giving you a mileage of up to 20Km which is obviously better than numerous different loads up available.

Despite the fact that it has a super-quick speeding up, regardless you’ll get an exceptionally smooth feel. What’s more, to expand the mileage, it utilizes the regenerative stopping mechanism, when utilized, will reestablish a noteworthy piece of vitality once again into the battery.

What you’ll abhor is the reviving time, or, in other words. The vast majority of the sheets regularly take just a hour or 1 hr. 30 minutes for a full revive. Yet, that is reasonable considering that it utilizes great lithium-particle batteries which self control 3600W double engines.

It likewise has a USB port for charging and a Bluetooth remote control that fits consummately in your grasp.

Generally, this board is lightweight, ergonomic and will facilitate your daily schedule.

Atom B.36 LongBoard Review

  • Looks and feels astonishing
  • Intense 1800W double engine
  • The main board with lithium-particle battery
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Not named was waterproof but rather has a climate seal
  • Somewhat costly

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